Outrageous Texas Action on EV's

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Just saw the most outrageous story about action in Tx legislature. Texas is about to offer a $2.5K rebate for EV's but exclude the world's is the most influential and successful EV manufacturer! We need to exert more influence in our state government's ludicrous, hide bound view of free enterprise.



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    Woops, it appears I am about 3 years behind the times... Sorry
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    The Texas auto dealer association is a powerful lobby - that spends a lot money on candidates - across the state.

    Not only have they been able to prevent Tesla from doing direct sales in Texas - automobiles are only major item that still can't be purchased in Texas...

    The lack of direct sales in Texas hasn't stopped Texas from selling a lot of cars in Texas. Tesla has found ways to work around the restrictions - and make the delivery experience as easy as purchasing from a dealer - now handling the initial inspections, license tag registration and payment of the sales tax - something that I had to do with my S P85 in early 2013.

    Tesla may be able to challenge the EV tax credit restrictions - though it may not be worth their time and $$$ to do that. And in the period that tax credit will likely be available, Tesla will probably have the best EVs on the market, so the lack of that tax credit probably won't have much impact on Tesla sales in Texas.

    It is inevitable, eventually the auto dealerships will lose this battle - they are the last great stand of the "dealership" model, with laws protecting their "middleman" position, forcing customers to pay the middleman for services they don't want or need, and propagating a sales model where customers never expect to pay the "list price" for products.

    Like with everything else, the momentum towards direct sales probably can't be stopped - and at some point, the auto dealers will have to learn how to compete with direct sales - or suffer the same fate as shopping centers and big box stores who haven't been able to compete with internet direct sales...
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