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Model X - Problem galore or Ok2buy?

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Hi all,

I've been on the fence to pull the trigger on a MX 100D but cant help feel like once the car arrives I'm in for a world of issues? I think we all know and understand Tesla has invested most of the budget on technology rather than build quality but with the enormous amounts of posts by owners complaining about issues after issue I'm beginning to wonder if its even possible to get a problem-free Model X??

I'm definitely in love with the car but I just don't know if I want to deal with the headaches with build quality issues (falcon door squeaks, misaligned trunks, poor interior/exterior build quality, etc...) or the infamous long service center repairs with crappy ICE rentals.

I definitely don't want to come off just posting to flame Tesla or rant but honestly trying to get a perspective if these issues plaque only a certain number of owners while knowing it IS possible to get a problem-free MX (at delivery AND after). I understand cars will eventually break and have issues but to shell out $130K to deal with that right off the bat..... Tough decision !


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    I have had my x for 7 months now. Have driven over 10k miles on it and have taken it on half a dozen long trips of 700 plus miles and another 8 trips 300 miles or less. I have come across many mx owners and asked most if they had any issues or regrets and not one has said yes yet.

    I decided to actively look and try and find an issue with my mx and the best I could come up with is an intermittent rattle that started above my head in tbar between falcon doors. The sc found it first time and has not rattled since.

    Knowing what I know about the mx and how much fun it is to drive. If I let these forums scare me out buying one I would be kicking myself. It's actually a little ridiculous how much I enjoy it. On the last day of a trip now and I am already looking forward to my next road trip!
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    I got my X Wednesday last week and I've had no issues with it at all so far.
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    I got my X in May, over 1,000 miles; zero issues.
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    I've had my P90DL since May 2016 it's been to the SC to replace the front shafts, and to replace the chrome and sensor on the falcon wing door, a few weeks ago I had my first annual service and all was good, I'm very pleased with my MX and would buy it again, so make that leap join the MX family and get off that fence :-)
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    I took delivery Dec 2016, no issues. Five days later did a 1100 mile road trip. I've done 3 other of the same trip, and have almost 11,000 miles since December.

    About 2 months ago I did develop a squeak in one FWD and a misalignment in the other. The SC fixed MOST of the seat but not all. The misalignment seems to be fixed, so far.

    I absolutely love my MX 75D, and so far, enjoy it more than any other vehicle I've owned.

    My 2 cents...go for it but be aware that issues can happen, but usually resolved by SC.

    Good luck!
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    should read:

    Squeak not Seat
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    I got my X in late March. Since then I have put over 8K miles on it including a trip from Monument, CO to San Diego, CA. We love the car but it isn't flawless. The only significant issue to date:

    A broken seat recliner gear in the second row. I actually heard the gear tear grind itself up one day when moving the seat forward to get into the back. The service center was able to diagnose the problem and get a replacement part ordered right away. The problem is that the part is on hold at this time and we still have a partially functional passenger side middle row seat. The parts department has escalated the issue, but it has been a month and a half since the part was ordered. I kind of expected that there could be some hiccups with this since we unfortunately had to order the replacement part at the same time the factory is up to their ears with Model 3 startup work.

    More annoyances that functional failures:

    1) Something loose inside the drivers door. Will get it addressed when we get the above mentioned seat repaired.
    2) Dash padding not installed correctly and warping in front of passenger. Will get it fixed when we get the seat repaired.
    3) Creaking FWD doors. Again, get these fixed when we get the seat repaired.

    But, I still love the vehicle and don't regret buying it yet.
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    We've had ours 6 months and haven't had any major issues. Our service center has been quick and responsive. Right now we are going to have one issue looked at, one of our falcon wing doors sensors sometimes reports an obstacle (that doesn't exist), so we have to reboot the car to reset it. Overall it sounds like you've been reading the complaints, just know that most satisfied owners do not log in to post that every day. You can probably expect a few minor issues, but the horror stories seem pretty rare.
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    HadoukenZR, if you are relying on a forum to make your decision on whether to purchase a model X then I would tell you not to buy the car. Not because it's the greatest, most fun vehicle that I have ever owned( it really is) but because you are actually relying on other people that you do not know and really don't know if the information they are giving you is true.

    Test drive the car!! Tesla backs up what they sell. It's a great vehicle but you might have some issues with it. Best of luck.

    I don't mean to come across as harsh but I question anyone that would let a forum decide on whether to purchase a vehicle or not.
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    based on recent reports and recon I've done at various service centers - the Model X is not OK to by and should experience problems at a similarly low occurrence rate as the Model S - Tesla seems to have worked out the production/part reliability issues…

    that being said you still have to be comfortable with the "design" issues in which the X will either meet or not meet your personal expectations of a vehicle marketed as an SUV…

    but if you're cool with the Design issues X's now seem to have very few if any production or quality issues.
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    correction to above statement

    "…the Model X is NOW OK to buy …"

    apologies for the typo.
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    I have 18,000 miles on my 15 mo old X. I had the same FWD issue as above, but a sensor was changed and all is good. I had an AC issue, but the coolant hose was not mounted with the O ring correctly. I haven't heard of that one from anyone else. Easily fixed and all is good. That is about it. There is some ghosting in the window at night, but more of a curiosity instead of an issue. Never stranded or emergent issue.

    Just remember, in a past consumer survey, 98% of tesla owners would buy again. Next best was Porsche in the upper 80s. Do their cars have fewer issues? Different fit and style of course.
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    I think it's best not to take chances on buying the car if you don't have the patience to go the the service center for any issues it may have. If you are expecting perfection, it may not be the car for you. Yes, you may get a perfect car or you may not. It's anybody guess. If your tolerance for problems is low, then it may not be the best choice for you.
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    FIA, or Forum Induced Anxiety is common with most any product that is covered by forum posts.

    A forum is a place that people can shout from the mountain top, all the injustice and problems they may experience with any commercial produce.

    If you read the forum for most any product, you will see it filled with posts of how bad the product is, and examples of many problems that owners have experienced.

    This will give you the impression that the product is poorly designed, the company is unresponsive, and defects are all over the place.

    This impression is normal, as very few owers will take the time to post on every area of their purchase experience that were totally satisfactory. They are usually too busy enjoying the product to post that the item works well, the buying experience went smoothly, they get good value for their money, the item is performing as expected.

    If you read all the posts here, you will find out all the real and potential problems. Many post here in hopes of getting their items addressed, feeling that the squeekie wheel gets the most grease.

    For the most part, the S and X have become well sorted machines. They work well, transport hundreds of thousands of people in comfort, grace, and safety.

    They are made up of thousands of parts, and sometimes something can go awray. These items are mostly addressed quickly and efficiently by their support systems.

    Like many others have posted, my Model X has performed great for me. Best car I have ever owned. I wake up every morning with a full charge, and don't need to worry about it in my typical driving routine. Never need to shop around for the cheapest gas station that sells my prefered brand of gasoline. Never get upset that gas in my state (California) cost almost $1.00 more per gallon than the next state over.

    Compared to my previous Jeep Grand Cherokee (A vehicle with far worse than normal reliability scores) it is about the same price, faster, handles better, has far better sound system, lighting systems, driver assists, head room. visability, braking, brake longevity, better motor braking downhill, more cargo room, more comfortable seats, quieter ride, less motor noise, less wind noise, better for the environment and reduction in city pollution.
    It is more impressive to my friends, everyone wants to get a ride in it, girlfriend loves it, dog is happier riding in the back, and has free fuel for life on my longer trips.

    Now, I am sure that many will experience issues that will make their cars seem less than perfect, but I currently consider Tesla to be producing the most advanced personal transportation vehicles in the world.

    I am not an environmental nut, but for some strange reason, since buying my Tesla, I consider typical ICE vehicles to be slightly disgusting, Putting fuel in the tank and having it discharge all that pollution out the back, cannot be a good way for our citizens to address their personal transportation needs.
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    Hey @burdogg, even @Uncle Paul is taking a crack at writing a novel!

    @UP, I was thinking the same thing. Many people come in search of forums usually when they have a problem and want to find a solution or a place to vent. Most other owners don't and are busy enjoying their car.

    Tesla's are basically computers on wheels but the other manufacturers are not far off from that. I had a previous co-worker that could not start his Mazda 6 and after the dealer had taken a look at it, it turned out to be a bad driver's door module. This is just a small example of how all cars have many computer components in them that can render the entire car useless. In ICE vehicles, that is so much more so because of all those thousands of moving mechanical parts in the engine and transmission that all must work in sync to function properly. At least in an electric vehicle you eliminate most of those parts.
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    Ah crap - looks like I have been replaced.

    As for me - love my X. It did have the same problem with the 2nd row seat gear grinding and now won't tip - part ordered - supposedly part has changed and won't happen again (newer vehicles should have the new part).

    Other than that, love it - but as some have said too - if you can't even stand a possibility of a minor issue, then don't buy, but... you really will be missing out on an amazing vehicle that makes you want to drive more.
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    No major issues and the couple of minor ones I had were fixed in one visit.

    I must point out I also had forum anxiety issues after reading the forums, but ordered the car anyway and it was delivered almost perfect. I do not regret buying it. I only regret I can't afford to buy a second one for the wife! (But do have a Model 3 reserved.)

    Best car ever!!!
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    Comparing our 3/2016 X with our 5/2017 X...apples and oranges. The build quality is so so so so much better on our new X.
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    I'm happy with the build quality of my 3/16 X. I've found it to be better than the floor models in the stores.
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    Sorry Burdogg this one is not for you :-)
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    A month in. A small "creek" noise on one of the FWD's on open. Otherwise PERFECT. I LOVE it.
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    I got mine August 31, built end June last year. Shipping to Europe was slow.

    I would buy one again in a heartbeat. I've had some little quirks, like an intermittent flashing DRL, but nothing that prevented me from getting to work on time.

    Driving it is an absolute thrill. I'm ecstatic each time I get behind the wheel. Even traffic isn't such a pain anymore.
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    Owning and travelling in a Model X is beyond anything I can describe.
    I took delivery of my 90D on December 23, 2016. I just came back from a 1200 mile long weekend round trip.
    I have 17,687 miles. My build quality is good. I had a wheel well trim misalignment but Tesla corrected it.

    I had a few minor issues when I received the vehicle, which Tesla corrected. Tesla was rushing to get the year end deliveries done, after shutting down to switch from AP1 to AP2.

    I had a flat tire on my first 600 mile (one way) road trip. Tesla roadside did an awesome job getting a flatbed to take my car to a hotel, and then to a tire shop the next day.

    I've owned and driven a lot of vehicles, and there are other vehicles at this price point with superior fit and finish.
    Nothing comes close to the Model X travel experience. I also recommend buying a CHAdeMO adapter, it's only an additional $500. I've only used it a few times, but it expands my charging options.

    Zero Emissions
    Zero Range Anxiety
    Zero Fatigue on Road Trips
    Zero Regreta

    I had awareness and some concerns about doors, and fit and finish before I ordered my X. I decided that it was worth the risk, and I counted on Tesla to stand behind the brand and fix any defects.

    I am happy that I took the risk.

    Don't miss out
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    Since I took delivery of my model X on June 10th I've had the following issues.
    1. A/C failed on the 3rd day (now fixed).
    2. Suspension (?) is creaking every time I accelerate from a stop, turn at low speeds (was not fixed on the first trip to the SC and it's going back again).
    3. Lift gate out of alignment (parts should arrive when I take the car back in for #2 and @4).
    4. Driver side FWD sensors are detecting objects when there is none.

    I've read on the forums that people have had it much worse so at this point I'm still considering myself (somewhat) lucky. The SC has been great so far and I even got another X as a loaner when I took my car in. If I had the choice to get another Tesla, I still would. To me it's quiet, comfortable and autopilot takes a lot of stress out of driving in LA traffic. Now when the boss says that she wants to go somewhere, I'm like why aren't you in the car yet??
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    If you love it before you buy it, you will be infatuated after you get it.

    05/16 X90D front door latches replaced. Early design issue, since corrected. Otherwise, perfect.
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