New Invention in Water and Electrical Generation

To best of my abilities in the final construction of a water distribution technology that could be coupled with the deionized filtration abilities of current technologies using Sub Sonic Vibrations or Infrasounds aswell as Magnetism emitted upon a 3D Printed Foam Metal  coupled with a Carbon Filter System in behind it, for large scale Water Purification, Distribution and Energy Production . Archimedes Pipeline is as follows a cylinder with dimensional grooves milled into it in the the Cork Screw Railing of the Archimedes itself, End Channels beings Full Radial Circles with an acceptance to the Screws Groove for continouse drive of self propulsion. The Pipe itself can be made from a Plastic preferably molded out Hemp Based Bioplastic double skinned with a Honey Comb structure Sandwiched in between the skins to allow for under ground stresses. The Channel itself lined with an angular arangement of MagLev Rectangular Pucks or progressively Tapered Strips inlayed into the mold, remember liquid nitrogen although expensive is reusable. The Archimedes Screw can be made from the same injection molding process although more complex in attribute to the shape, relative to mold construction technology. The installment of a milled recess to allow for the inlay of an additional MagStrip to create the Self Propulsion, bonded in on either end of Cylinder that the Screw ultimately stems from is an attachment of electrically conductive motors per say to allow the continouse revelution to be used as Stored Energy to be further distributed to the existing Grid. It's an endeavor that could through invisionment of the future alleviate Global Water restraints in all accesses of the World we live on because can and will move Water incredibly fast. It also can be contained to a Closed System to be filled completetly with Water for continuousley Self Regenerative Electricity.

metal foam is a cellular structure consisting of a solid metal (frequently aluminium) with gas-filled pores comprising a large portion of the volume. The pores can be sealed (closed-cell foam) or interconnected (open-cell foam). The defining characteristic of metal foams is a high porosity: typically only 5–25% of the volume is the base metal, making it an ultralight materials.

In regards to filtering of Iron from water which can be burden on current filtration systems this foam so to speak can be made from a 3D Printed Material Consisting of an Electrically Conductive Metallic Liquid Metal semi comprised of Plastics for weight. The Military US that is has had this in operation as a Shock Absorber in the Hum V or so in experimental processes as I saw on TV. It actuated through Electrical Conduction and is responsive to the Millisecond.


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    Weird. Had a similar pseudo-random techno-babble dream the other night after reading several patent applications.
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    I think the OP thinks Archimedes is spelled "Arcametes" but Its possible that is a correct non-English-language spelling of his name.

    The phrase "continuousley Self Regenerative Electricity" sounds a lot like perpetual motion to me.

    Stream of consciousness (unconsciousness?) makes this topic difficult to read.
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    Hummvees use shocks made of aluminum with gas-filled pores, made with a 3D printing process consisting of an electrically conductive metallic liquid metal semi compared of plastics? I demand that Musk explains why Teslas don't have shocks like this. Or, maybe, they are used in the landing struts of his rockets, only good for one compression.

    In any case, I have been generating electricity for years using this and more secretive processes. The utility thinks I have simply been poaching power just because I threw a wire rope over their lines. Mere coincidence. I will accept development funds, no questions asked (as long as you don't ask me any either).
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    This is a joke, right? Yeah, I caught the references to perpetual motion, too.
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    I contest that the quoted:
    " typically only 5–25% of the volume is the base metal, making it an ultralight materials."
    is off by a minimum of 4 and 3/32%
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    Wow! I hope you got a patent before you let the world in on it.
  • A device that can produce electricity from sunlight while simultaneously purifying water has been produced by researchers, an invention they say could solve two problems in one stroke.

    The researchers say the device is not only a source of green energy but also offers an alternative to current technologies for purifying water. These, they add, often consume large amounts of electricity and require infrastructure beyond the reach of many communities that lack basic access to safe drinking water – a situation thought to affect more than 780 million people worldwide.
    “These people spend a collective 200m hours a day fetching water from distant sources,” said Prof Peng Wang, a co-author of the research from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

    With solar farms often located in arid regions, the device could provide clean water where it is needed most. What is more, the team say it could be used in a backyard or on an industrial scale.

    “Having a significant amount of freshwater produced continuously on a daily basis [means] many challenging tasks can then be easily achievable,” said Wang. “The generated clean water can be used [for] cleaning solar panels to remove dust particles; it can be use to irrigate plants and crops, making desert agriculture possible.”
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    n regards to filtering of Iron from water which can be burden on current filtration systems this foam so to speak can be made from a 3D Printed Material Consisting of an Electrically this very helpful for I hope you will like this.
  • There are many important ingredients inside water which are essential for your body but some filter may not provide safety for these essential elements. You can try in your free time. this might be helpful for you.
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  • The OP is talking about an atmospheric water generator that condenses water vapor from the atmosphere and turns it into drinking water that is purified through the cycles involved in the condensation process.

    They've been around for a little while in varying forms and sizes.
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