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کفسابی سنگ

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Survey is a term used to make the facade of the building look. Nowadays, despite the presence of airborne pollutants, smoke and dust, as well as the reduction of the quality of the facade of the building's stone and becoming cloudy over time, the need for periodic cleaning of the facade of buildings in The metropolis is felt.

In many newly constructed buildings, after the completion of the construction project, the facade faces an ugly face, due to the fact that the cement remains in stone, and at the time it is best to use a survey to enhance beauty and attractiveness. Returned to the building.

One of the major benefits of the survey is the repair of the stone building that has been cracked or lost over the years.

One of the major problems that occur in the case of postponement of periodic surveys is the fall of the facade rocks and the loss of its quality, because air pollution, mass and the presence of irritants cause the rocks to become fragile and over time, the cost of restoring the increase Find out
Types of work and process

[کفسابی سنگ](کفسابی-و-سنگسابی/ "کفسابی سنگ")
[کفساب](کفسابی-چیست-کفساب-کیست/ "کفساب")
[ساب زنی](ساب-زنی-سنگ-کف/ "ساب زنی")
[نماشویی ساختمان](نماشویی/ "نماشویی ساختمان")
[پیچ رولپلاک نما
](پیچ-رولپلاک-نما/ "پیچ رولپلاک نما

In general, surveying is done with sandblasting device, water jet, etc. And people use the following methods for viewing according to the situation of the building:

Use scaffolding to wash the facade
Using a rope in a survey
Use a protective belt

It should be noted that screening is one of the toughest things in the world, because in addition to the sensitivity of work, experience and precaution is necessary for the work, and those who perform the survey should have expertise.

In the methods mentioned above, the use of scaffolds is more secure than the two methods, because in addition to the scaffolding support, a protective belt is also used to maintain balance with the belt.
Sharpening methods

Three methods are used in the presentation, which we will briefly explain:

In the first method, wash with water because there is not a lot of dirt and dirt, and using water, the facade takes its beauty.

In the next step, use water and silica to wash off stains and solids.

The third method, which is used to remove sand and clean the granite and some of the rocks, is used in acid and is called acid soluble in the term.
Building screw and dowel

Another discussion on the subject is the screw to roll out the stone. If we want to say it publicly, this is used to hold the stone in the facade, and the stone is strengthened by a special screw inside the facade.

Screws and dowels are used when there is a possibility of falling stone from the facade of the building and in many buildings this problem is observed and the only solution is to use screws and dowels of stone in the building.

Please note that after the screw and dowel in the stone, using the putty, the paint is completely stained and there is no trace of screw and dowel, and the beauty of the facade is completely preserved.
Cost and price of prospecting

The tariff and the price of the survey depends on a number of factors, in which we will mention a few of them in this section, although it should be noted that in order to determine the exact price, it is necessary to be present at the place.

The first issue that arises in this discussion is the height issue so that it must be determined that the need for a scaffold requires scaffolding or without scaffolding can also perform screening operations, or whether the height of the building is to what extent this The issues in the pricing case are effective.

One of the most important issues that affect the tariff and the price of the survey is the use of stone in the facade of the building, which is commensurate with the price of the building's survey, and with the presence of the site and its examination and the materials needed to rinse the project with the agreement of the parties to begin Gets

The presence of water, as well as three-phase electricity, is important in the construction to be performed.

Another discussion that has a great impact on the price of the report is the amount of dirt and life of the stone, which is also considered in determining the price of the washer, and the employer agrees with the approval of the above mentioned items.

One of the issues that should be mentioned in the subject of survey cost is the repair of stone, which has a significant impact on the cost and tariff of the facade and, if approved by the employer, can be rocks that have disappeared over time. Or have lost their quality.

But the point to be noted is that the thumb and screw placking stone is considered an essential and the price to be determined for screed and screw is very cost effective and, after finishing work, in addition to To ensure that the stone is tightened with a dowel screw and an uncluttered scrubber, you will see with the material and special device that the cost of the survey you paid has been very effective.
Factors affecting the price and cost of screwing plaster stone

The first issue that deals with the cost of screw dowels is the shape and size and size of the screw and roll plate that is supposed to be used in the facade.

The use of scaffolding on the screw dowels is also another issue that determines the price of the project, and the employer can close the scaffold to our team and this will increase the cost more.

Existing power supply and project area
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