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I crashed my poor Roadster sport 2010 radiant red. :-( I am so upset nobody was hurt but I'm going to probably need a front bumper and passenger side front quarter panel. Any idea if these parts are still supported or available? I hope so. I also checked the shopping part of the web where they used to list the new front end and various carbon fiber accents and nothing is there any more, just the car cover! My estimate and insurance claim is set for Saturday. Any advice or information you have or can share will be appreciated.


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    Well if anyone is interested, and apparently you aren't, The total estimate for repair is about 3k. Not as bad as I thought. I hope I can get the parts in a reasonable time frame.
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    Thanks for posting this! :)

    So sorry about your crash....
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    I'm sorry about your accident too, but I can't believe you were so upset that nobody was hurt! You might want to re-phrase your original post a bit there.
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    Very funny Nexxus. Anyway, the car is fixed, it took two weeks for parts then only 4 days to repair. It looks great and overall cost was 3300. Not as bad as i expected. Thanks Service King in Henrietta NY!
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    You upset that nobody was hurt??
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