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Does the Model 3 have air suspension? The reason I ask is because my wife has a cousin that works at a firestone suspension plant in Tennessee. We seen her a month or so ago and she told us about all the overtime she could get because they were trying to install an airbag line for a new car company named "Teeslay". It took a while to figure out she was talking about Tesla. I told her deliveries would start in a few weeks...she laughed.


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    Haven't heard anything confirming this. There are articles online stating Model 3 has coil suspension.
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    No air, maybe with the performance package in a year, but no comment on that yet even.
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    No air suspension to start, but probably down the road (as in late 2018 or early 2019, perhaps). Elon did tweet that air suspension would be available eventually, but that was way back around the first reveal event.
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    I could not help but notice the measurement figures on the Model 3 did not give a clearance range (just 5.5") as it does in Model S (4.6" to 6.3"). So that suggests, IMHO, no air suspensions with the first deliveries. As for me this is an essential feature considering I have a very sharp angled driveway and do not want to scrape the bottom of the car every time I go for a drive.
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    Has Tesla/Elon ever hinted that air suspension might be a future option for M3?
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    "As for me this is an essential feature considering I have a very sharp angled driveway "

    Have you measured the angle and compared it to a model 3? The Model 3 has a long wheelbase for its length, that greatly reduces the problem of bottoming out on a steep angle.

    Thank you kindly.
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    In 2016, Motor Trend did ride on dual motor air suspension Model 3:

    It happened in the past, so for those who want air suspension, may be you have to wait for the dual motor to come out.
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    If it'll make stevenmaifert happy, I'll start the rumor:

    Elon tweeted* "Did you ever know that you're my hero?"

    Which has 3 words with the letter "E" in them, so obviously a reference to "wind beneath my wings" ... clearly indicating that the dual motor model 3 will have air suspension.

    *This is a lie
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    topher, the long wheelbase, meaning steep angle of approach and departure, helps for damage below the bumpers, but compounds the problem for the breakover angle between the wheels. So if KWB52 has a sharply angled drop off at the top of the driveway, the long wheelbase will cause undercarriage damage midship.
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    @Rutrow +1
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