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    Unless of course we keep voting in Republicans
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    We could vote in Democats and ensure our financial collapse delaying all the medical, scientific, and technology advances that better the world. Not that it matters they want to end the existence of countries anyway.
    Had Maxine figured out what to give NK to stop their nuclear ambitions? Maybe she can ask Bill.
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    The economy did just fine under Clinton and Obama. However you do need to understand that if we don't do anything about climate change the ultimate cost through flooding, starvation and likely increased wars could be even more devastating.
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    Republicans seem to have short term memory loss on who helped bring on the last economic depression. So lets do it again.
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    According to Google, there are 195 countries in the world. OP states 140 will be alternative energy. I wonder where the USA ranks in the remaining 55?

    Time to bring back Reagonomics?
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    Actually CA+NY= 3rd largest World Economy so we ignore the lazy states and leave them behind.
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    @OP- this would have been way more exciting if it wasn't just a single ambitious scientists creating a theoretic, albeit impressive, road map. Even an economic friendly White House would be unlikely to give this much credence. You'd have to put a swastika on it and deliver it with a white hoodie, for this white house to even notice it.

    And PLEASE stop presuming that most Republicans are global warming deniers just because 45 is one and opted to surround himself with like minded yes men. This is how you reinforce the movement in the wrong direction. Those who don't have strong opinions one way or the other, can slowly get swayed into following the wrong path.. Global warming is not a republican or Democratic issue. Why the u.s. is trying to tie it to political persuasion is beyond me.
    @Mike83- If I recall correctly, a couple hundred (?) Governors from all over the US pledged to pick up the Paris accord baton, that Trump dropped. CA has already been leading the way for years; add NY and the rest of the dedicated governors... makes me proud
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    @sklancha Republicans require global warming denial to be a litmus test for an electable candidate probably because of fossil fuel sponsorship. Like the supposedly good whites marching with the white supremacists their silent speaks volumes.
    I left the Republican party when they started denial of science that can be attributed to maintaining a fossil fuel grip on America. What is worst is the obfuscation of Global Warming research results that many fossil fuel interest knew about for decades. this is similar to the nicotine pushers who sold their products knowing of the deadly results.
    Trump appointed all climate change deniers and that seems to make the Republicans happy.
    As you say Americans are working for implementation of the Paris Accords and this shows me America still works.
    Is the solution to limit campaign contributions or what?
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    @Mike83- "Republicans require global warming denial to be a litmus test for an electable candidate probably because of fossil fuel sponsorship. "
    ...and this is how nonpoliticians instigate the tie between politics and global warming. I don't think AGW denial is part of the RNC platform. And none of us should be encouraging Trump's attempts to do so. Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Tillerson, John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger are a few prominent Republicans that follow the AGW science. My state congresswoman is active in AGW mitigating legislation.
    If we had a pro-abortion (not the same as pro-choice) Democrat in the white house, who was mentally as ...unique (ah-hem) as Trump in the WH, and he/she surrounded himself with pro-abortion staff... not good for the party as a whole.

    I get this constant feeling like I am being pressured to either quit my party or be identified as an alt-right sympathizing global warming denier. This country went dumpster diving this election cycle. This country let entertainment rather than qualification guide their voting decision. Allow me to introduce you to a more typical and [relatively] sane republican:

    When I was young and poor and living in a trailer- I didn't think it was the governments responsibility to help me. If I wanted a better life, it was my responsibility to finish college.

    I am pro-life... but to me that means the government should do what it can to help a woman see all the options available. Abortion. Rates have had a steady and dramatic DECREASE since Rowe v. Wade

    I like smaller government and smaller government budget, but erasing regulations that affect the health and well being of Americans is just ridiculous.

    Anyways, my whole point is- Trump does not represent the typical republican. The bigger worry is that many people see their political party like they see religion or their favorite sports team- looking at the bright spots and ignoring the bad spots. Like a Greenbaypacker fan back in the slump years. ...
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    @sklancha. Thanks for your inputs.

    Another link on changing to 100% Renewable energy.
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    @Mike83, thanks for the article links. As someone who has been net positive for the past five years relative to solar production/electric energy demand, I know we can do this. It takes political will. I am happy that so many states are opting in to meet the Paris Accord goals, despite what our worthless POTUS says and does. Very scary what Drumpf and his cabinet appointees are doing to suppress any mention on climate change on many government websites.
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    Yes Tesla-David; the appointees are fooling no one and possibly making themselves liable in the future. Just doesn't seem very thoughtful but reactionary or out of fear. I find this almost funny except for the environmental harm they are causing Americans including themselves; it is kind of pitiful.
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    Mike83 - California looks like a stellar economy, so long as you ignore the unpaid debt, poverty rate, education ranking, income inequality, crime, and homelessness.
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    masssimob30 Yes you believe that as one who loves fake news and please stay away.
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    Actually The 2016 RNC Platform basically says that Climate Change is a hoax. Read it here:[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf

    Information concerning a changing climate, especially projections into the long-range future, must be based on dispassionate analysis of hard data. We will enforce that standard throughout the executive branch, among civil servants and presidential appointees alike. The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a political mechanism, not an unbiased scientific institution. Its unreliability is reflected in its intolerance toward scientists and others who dissent from its orthodoxy. We will evaluate its recommendations accordingly. We reject the agendas of both the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, which represent only the personal commitments of their signatories; no such agreement can be binding upon the United States until it is submitted to and ratified by the Senate.

    We demand an immediate halt to U.S. funding for the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in accordance with the 1994 Foreign Relations Authorization Act. That law prohibits Washington from giving any money to “any affiliated organization of the United Nations” which grants Palestinians membership as a state. There is no ambiguity in that language. It would be illegal for the President to follow through on his intention to provide millions in funding for the UNFCCC and hundreds of millions for its Green Climate Fund.

    We firmly believe environmental problems are best solved by giving incentives for human ingenuity and the development of new technologies, not through top-down, command-and-control regulations that stifle economic growth and cost thousands of jobs
    End Quote

    In other words, Climate change is a hoax that those awful scientists are lying to us about, and the rest of the world is wrong and we are right.
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    Thanks reed_lewis Wow. Talk about Orwellian crap. Anyone subscribing to this must have given up their soul.
    More jobs created with Solar, wind, batteries than fossil fuel jobs so that is just one of many total lies.
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    War is peace.
    Coal is clean.
    Scientists lie.
    Ignorance is strength.
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    Sounds like the GOP to me.
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    The censorship is ongoing now just like Cheney did in the Bush regime. Free speech for me but not you is the GOP's mantra.
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    Kudos to Australia
    It's such a pity that we elected the worst kind of idiot as President.
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    I guess the US will have to go through the same thing that Australia went through. Stupidity is difficult to vaccinate against.
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    @Mike83, thanks for the great link about Australia, very good news indeed! Shows what can be done when everyone gets onboard. We can do it here too in spite of the naysayers and Drumpf supporters.
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    The only issue with the Australia article to me is that it qualifies the statement with % of homes. How much of the total power required is generated by renewable means? I am all for renewable power, and am planning on putting a solar roof next year, but dislike when statistics are quoted as being better than they actually are.
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