• @Mike83 +1, great rant and spot on analysis!
  • Terrible news. As if burning fossil fuels isn't enough.
    Mankind is showing how incapable he is to take care of his own environment.
  • Yep, coral reefs already under serious threat from ocean acidification/warming from Climate Emergency get further impacted from fossil fuel leakage from grounded freighter. Utterly disgusting and sad beyond belief to see these fragile ecosystems under peril and destruction. Agree with your statement: "Mankind is showing how incapable he is to take care of his own environment"
  • Coal losing market share with wind and solar generating more energy. A bit of good news. We need more PVs and EVs and we are going in that direction as the fossils die off.
  • Wow, New Zealand and their incredible Prime Minister are an inspiration on positive leadership in tackling and beating COVID19.

    "On Sunday, New Zealand marked 100 days without community transmission of COVID-19.

    From the first known case imported into New Zealand on February 26 to the last case of community transmission detected on May 1, elimination took 65 days.

    New Zealand relied on three types of measures to get rid of the virus:

    ongoing border controls to stop COVID-19 from entering the country
    a lockdown and physical distancing to stop community transmission
    case-based controls using testing, contact tracing and quarantine.

    Collectively, these measures have achieved low case numbers and deaths compared with high-income countries in Europe and North America that pursued a suppression strategy."
  • Thanks David for the update on New Zealand. They seem to use science and will succeed.
    More worldwide success as more places requiring Solar PV on new construction.
  • Huge news Biden will commit to banning Fossil Fuel Subsidies. Finally getting rid of these ridiculous subsidies will help to create an even playing field and make renewable energy even more competitive than it already is. Game, Set, Match on the end of Fossil Fuel Dominance as energy source!
  • @Tesla-David Wow. thanks for the link. Biden gets my support. What a great day.
  • The only people who should get subsidies for digging up dinosaurs are archaeologists.
  • More sneaky crap with fossil fuels and utility companies.
    More local PV panels, powerwalls and mini grids need to offset these fossil fuel users.
  • Thanks @Mike83 for your link. Unbelievably disgusting. From your link:

    "The study finds that only 10% of companies prioritized renewables — i.e., expanded their renewables-based power generation capacity faster than their gas or coal fired capacity. Many of these organizations also continued to invest in fossil fuels in parallel with renewables, although at a slower rate."

    “Utilities’ continued investment in fossil fuels leaves them at risk of stranded assets — where power plants will need to be retired early — and undermines global efforts to tackle climate change,” says Ms Alova."

    I am fortunate that our utility company is not one of these, and is a positive proponent for renewable energy, and most of our energy is clean, based on predominate HYDRO, with very little coming from Coal, which is scheduled to be shut down in near future. Given the problems California is having with their energy grid due to fires, anyone who can do so should be installing solar PV and Powerwalls to make themselves less reliant on grid based energy. Our 2+ years with our Powerwalls have been refreshing to know how we can survive independent of grid for ~9 months of the year. Let us pray for a Biden/Harris landslide in two months, so we can move our utilities and the country in the right direction to aggressively address Climate Emergency.
  • This just came out. VPP. Virtual Power Plants look like an inexpensive way to go.
    We need common sense government and not a fossil fuel oligarchy.
    Let's hope our voters start voting for their own benefit and not the leaches.
  • Peak oil is helping the spread of alternative energy 😂
    No wonder I heard that some fossil fuel companies are borrowing money to pay dividends.
  • Ha ha, thanks @Mike83 for the link. Looks like peak oil demand is diminishing and the fossil fuel companies are finding themselves in financial binds. May it continue and lets keep the renewable energy revolution in HIGH gear. Tesla is helping to lead the way and I personally can't wait until Battery Investment Day to see what Tesla is working on to accelerate the transition. I am especially looking forward to the Plaid MS reveal, as I am thinking about getting one when it is available. ;0)
  • There's been a big increase in Model 3s on the road here in recent months. There's a view that the ban on ICE sales could be brought forward 3-5 years (it's currently set at 2035), we are also starting to see more moves against NOx, which increases the urgency for moving to EVs.

    We are also seeing some really good innovation in the energy market where EV owners can benefit from drawing power for charging at times when there is an excess of renewable energy.

    A lot of very positive changes and gathering of momentum for further change.
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