• > @Mike83 said:
    > California is kicking butt. Glad to pay my taxes.

    Spoken like a loyal submissive communist
  • A true American who know you don't get something for nothing and enjoys reality
    The conspiracy nuts are the most uneducated cowards alive today and believe in cons. that promises jobs in a dying fossil fuel welfare industry.
    Abe Lincoln might be rolling in his grave to see people waste their freedom
  • 20 years AHEAD of schedule SHUTDOWN of polluting COAl. FYI Buffet's fund owns PGE and does some alternative energy investing; even BRK sees the future. This helps the Pacific Northwest.
    Kudos to PGE. Now PG&E is another issue.
  • China is now the biggest economy in the World. Artificially propping up fossil fuels in the US was dumb.
  • TRUMP/GOP LEAVE PARIS AGREEMENT leaving China to take the lead. What irony this is and giving the term dumb and dumber new meanings.
  • It appears that the UK will ban ICE sales much earlier to 2030. People are starting to realize(after many decades of cons by fossil fuel profiteers) we need a safe environment to live.
    Congrats to President Biden who will restore sanity to America. Happy Days baby.
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