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Fairfax County Personal Property Tax Assessments for Model X more than 20% higher than MSRP

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I got my tax bill this weekend, and it stated I owe $3,975 on my. I went to the Government center to appeal, and they showed me NADA data explaining why they will not adjust it. The base price for a 2016 Model X was $80,000 and NADA claims that its resale value has increased to $97,675. This is for the non P model. For the P90D/100D, which is considered another model, the base price was $115,500, but at least it went down to $111,775 according to the NADA resale data. What to do?!!! I wrote to Tesla to encourage them to contact NADA to straighten this out. I think it is ludicrous.


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    I find that interesting. My 2017 Model X 100D (Blue, White interior, EAP, Cold Weather, non-PUP) that was delivered at the end of April this year showed assessed value of $90,725.
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    Was this ever resolved? How NADA can say a one-year old vehicle is more valuable than a new vehicle a year ago - that's beyond the pale.

    More broadly, it sure would be helpful if Tesla could explain that a larger batter and extra motor are *features* added on top of the base model. I believe taxes assessed on base model, so that would be a huge help.
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    No one ever did anything about this, and I never heard back from Tesla other than "We forwarded your request to the appropriate department." I guess I will find out about my 2018 NADA resale value when I get my next assessment. I hope the next assessment will reflect depreciation for 3 years rather than more appreciation which is hog wash.
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    I find it very interesting that Fairfax County uses NADA data. NADA is not an impartial party. NADA has been involved in several lawsuits against Tesla since Telsa does not use Dealerships. And of course NADA is the Association representing Dealerships and the primary legislative proponent for state laws requiring vehicles to be sold by dealerahips. We all “know” middlemen give a customer lower prices and a better customer experience ordering a car...
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    That is why I moved from VA to DC, no way I pay taxes for my car, only in VA.
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