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Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists



  • Cold 100% kills more than warm. The first major change we will probably see is once enough fresh water enters the northern atlantic to slow down or even halt the north atlantic current, which keeps the UK and northern europe warm.
  • Slowly more politicians are starting to believe science no matter how much fossil fools lie and stack courts
  • It's getting worse for climate change deniers. Maybe keep a boat handy
  • On the other side of the crisis are hot temperatures that humans can't live in along with drought. It is getting harder to ignore.
  • The Arctic sea ice is freezing up on schedule.

    Climate changes - with or without humans.

    ☠️GOP 🙉🐵🙈
  • Hey ozone hole mike, you are projecting. You are the one who refuses to look at National Snow and Ice Data Center information.
  • And the arrogance diminishes the ability to think with any logic or ethics.
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