72kW Urban Supercharger

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Anyone visited the new 72kW Superchargers near Wacker and Columbus (225 N. Columbus Drive)? It appears to be in a garage. Do you need to pay to park while supercharging? What are the rates and how is the ease of use? The Supercharger in Normal IL is also in a parking garage but there the parking is free for the first hour and $1/hr after that so it was never a big deal but it the details needed to find the superchargers in a garage were missing except in Plugshare (third floor of the second parking garage structure).

I'd like to find out about the downtown Chicago one before I actually need it. Thanks in advance.


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    If you go to and click on Discuss for that station, you can read all about the parking fee debacle.

    The short of it, as I understand from the discussion, you can park there for 45 minutes to charge for $5. Go over the 45 minutes and you will pay a $20 min fee for the parking.

    The Supercharger is in the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel parking garage. Prudential Building is a pretty decent landmark to get there.

    You probably saw it has the brand new charging stations.

    Sorry I haven't been there yet, just followed the discussion pretty closely through

    By the way - the normal garage fee isn't all that out of line for that area, even for street parking. Two hours will set you back $14 on the street.
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    Yeah Normal is a weird set up. I've been there several times and am still surprised by how far up they are. The last time I was there they were super slow at charging. I had to move on to Springfield.
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    @DLebryk -- thank you for the info! I will check out that discussion on!
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