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Acceleration shudder

I'm starting to feel fairly frustrated that there still isn't a fix for the shudder the car does when accelerating quickly. Service center told me about 20% of model x cars have this issue and that they are working on a fix. Meanwhile it's been months and there still isn't a fix. Considering a spent my entire life savings and then some on a 120K car, I feel like it should be fixed within a certain amount of time or it should be replaced with a car that fits in the 80% group. (I love Tesla and this is my first negative thread. I still love my car, but I like to accelerate often and a car that shakes this much, or at all, while accelerating is not what I thought I was paying for. My shudder is bad!).

Your thoughts?


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    Don't floor it from a full stop. Step on the accelerator and then ramp up after it gets going.
  • I bought the 90D over the 75D specifically because the 75D wasn't fun enough for me to floor it from a complete stop. The point is I like flooring it and do it often, and the shudder is a acknowledged issue that should be fixed right? Would this constitute a lemon?
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    I'm sure they will fix it. What I'm trying to do is to help you enjoy your car in the meantime. Another thing you can try is to set the suspension to low or even extremely low. Some have said that helps. Definitely don't set it to standard or above when you're out to play Fireball Roberts.

    Just trying to help.
  • Thank you for the help, and I do still enjoy it. The service center told me to try setting it to standard, because usually I have it set to low, but I'll try switching it up again. I can handle waiting, but considering it's already been months, I feel like if they don't have a fix within another few months, then they should replace the car with one that doesn't have the issue. (Wow I hate myself for complaining, that's Joe much I love Tesla! If it were a BMW I would be way more pissed. Hahaha!)
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    I had the shudder on my P90DL they replace both front shafts about 10 months ago which fixed the problem and Im still shudder free
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    By the way I floor it from a full stop on ludicrous often
  • Thanks Triggerplz! I'll ask them if they can try that on mine!
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  • They scheduled me for a test drive to show the technician on Monday and they do have the parts in stock incase they need to replace the front shafts. Gotta love Tesla service!
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