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Powerwall without solar question

I just got my Powerwall installed and provisioned yesterday. I don't have power, and was hoping that the Time of Use Power Shifting is not yet available (latest software version is 1.5.1).

When I go into the Tesla app, I see that both my Powerwall are only charged to 50%, and right now they are not charging. The grid is feeding my house only.

How do I set the Powerwall to charge to 100% for backup purposes until the new software arrives that supports Time of Use Power Shifting?


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    For anyone else with this issue, the problem was that the installer put it in Solar mode, so it wouldn't charge off the grid beyond 50%. Tesla Powerwall support team fix it remotely, and it started to charge to 100%, and I'm using it in Time of Use Power Shifting mode by manually disconnected my house off the grid at 7am, and putting it back on the grid at 11am. I'll keep doing this until they release the PowerwallOS that support this feature automatically via software.

    Note: The PowerwallOS software was updated to 1.6.0 two days ago.
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