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Any long term effects having powerwall at 0% for a month?

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My two powerwall 2 were left on while waiting for approval from Edison. Took about 9 weeks, since they updated the NEM agreement and I had to start all over midway through.

Batteries were installed with 30% charge and drained to 0% but stayed there for weeks with green lights. Finally turned them off after speaking with support and when I got approval today the monitor app no longer works and the batteries don't charge.

Was told that a fw update was needed, but a little worried they were left discharged too long.

Thanks for any information in advance.


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    First day
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    The latest version of the PowerwallOS that arrived two days ago is 1.6.0, so it's possible that they are correct. I'm told that until the batteries are fully provisioned they won't start to charge. My installation took an extra day, but between Day 1 and Day 2 while all the electrical work was done, and I saw the green light, the batteries would not charge. on Day 2, once they went through the 10 screen activation and provision process, then they start to charge and it was about 30 minutes later that it appears in my Tesla App alongside my Model S and Model X.
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    Still not sure though how having. Atteries fully discharged will impact long term performance. Appointment in Tuesday to address fw update via hardware vs lte. Too bad app doesn't show charge/discharge details that could hint at battery health.
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