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Solar roof vs. Solar Walls?

I am in the planing phase of building my first (luxury) shipping container home. Although I am find of every Tesla products and looking at the solar roof, I am curious to know if:
- can the product be installed on a vertical wall?
- how will this affect the efficiency (vs. an angled roof)?

As we all know shipping containers home have that modular square/flat roofing and I intend to use mine as patios with a wood floor, a hot thub and sauna. Therefore I would like to use the walls as solar captors.

Any ideas or recommendations?


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    I am currently in the planning stages of building a two story split level log home. I need to know if Tesla's solar powered ceramic roofing tiles are available in SE Arizona, and if not when would they be?
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    solar panel because it is much cheaper
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    On a regular solar panel you get the most production if the panel directly faces the sun . So a flat roof would produce less. The same would be true for a flat wall and the sun is higher in summer so would be quite a bit less production then.
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