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Powerwalls and panels to Puerto Rico ASAP please!

Mr Musk, please consider sending as many of these as you can spare to this unfolding humanitarian disaster.


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    Before they can install the solar roof, they are going to have to rebuild the houses first and install the roof and powerwalls last. The current infrastructure on Puerto Rico is in a shambles. They will have to import all the building materials and such to rebuild. Just getting the deepwater ports open will take weeks to clear and dredge the debris out. Airports are barely functional, with most of the flights with people leaving and no going into PR. Good luck on the rebuilding. If I had the vacation time I would volunteer to go and help.
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    "not going into PR."
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    I don't know if you finally got yours, but we ordered ours in November, 2017, right after María, and we didn't get it installed until end of January following. But it works very well and we're glad we did it. Good luck to you.
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