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Powerwall delays in Canada

I ordered a Powerwall for a home in Canada on Aug. 31 and have not gotten a call from anyone to talk about installation. What's the usual delay?
This is for a home in Canada, but I live in the US. If I purchased a PW in the US is it certified for use in Canada?


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    You mean August 31, 2017? I think they are still fulling deposits taken from November 2016 when Elon launched both the Solar Roof and Powerwall 2. I also think it's by area when the utilities are ready to give an interconnect license to the homeowner at the conclusion of the install.

    You may want to send Tesla an mail about your "purchase from the US for a Canadian home", and see what they say. I haven't seen anybody on TMC from Canada receiving their Powerwall 2 just yet, but I could have missed a few posting in the Energy forum.
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    Don't feel bad, I have been waiting for almost 2 years, having first ordered the Powerwall-1, before they redesigned it as Powerwall-2. I live in Edmonds, Washington and have been unable to get a response on when they might be moving into my state for Powerwall installations. They really need to improve their customer service/response as it is one of the worst.
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