16 stalls supercharger in Manchester

Just learned that there is a 16 stall supercharger being built in Manchester. Yes, 16 stalls!!! The site is nearly completed with 11 of the stalls already comepleted, to include the cables that you plug into your car being installed.

While this seems like to be coming out of the blue, this may be what Tesla inadvertently marked as a future site for West Hartford. There is already an 8 stall site in West Hartford. To have another site in West Hartford planned and then out of the blue add a 16 stall site, a mere 18 miles away, doesn't make sense.

Anyways, this site is located at the Buckland Hills Plaza right off RT 84. It is a fairly easy on/off 84 East and a super easy on/off for those traveling on 84 West.


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    Just an update to the new site in Manchester.

    As of yesterday, Oct 18th, everything is done except the crucial transformer. They have landscaped the area, placing large evergreen shrubs around the actually supercharger cabinets. All the signage is up and the parking spaces have been given a sealer coat and re-striped. There is also in place the mounted for 2 new parking lot lights for additional lighting. Many people have been driving up to these chargers to see what it is all about.

    We as a club (Tesla Owners-Connecticut) will be holding a meet up at this site once it is powered up.
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