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First person encounter with a Model 3

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The Service Center manager in Seaside had his Model 3 available for customer inspection on 9/30. My first impression was very good. It has the unique look and feel of a Tesla, although it is definitely a bit smaller than a Model S. My aging neck and back were gratified to find the entry/exit height for the driver to be greater than my Model S. For local, relatively short trips with frequent in's and out's, that's very important to me as I hope to reduce use of the S locally. The seats felt comfortable - somewhere between the original and upgraded Model S seats - and the trunk and frunk space seemed generous. The opening to the trunk is nearly vertical which may make some loads challenging to get in and out. The size and placement of the display seemed natural but that was only while parked - a true test will have to wait for a test drive, which I anxiously await. I think this will easily satisfy reservation holders and generate the big push to EVs that's been anticipated.

They seem to expect to start deliveries to non-employee reservation holders in October with a big push in November. I'd attach some photos if there was a convenient way to do it.


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    We have the same plan to use the Model 3 for local driving and our S for trips. Some of the driving reviews were quite positive. We are awaiting our configure notice and still deciding on the color.
    Thanks for posting.
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    I had the chance to sit in a red Model 3. The owner who is 6'4 tall says that the M3 was easier for him to sit in rather than MS. Front seat leg room I have to admit is quite spacious. The off center screen did not seem to be a distraction. The glass roof reminds me of the X. All in all cabin is smaller than MS but still has the effect of roominess; can't wait to get the email to order ....
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    ... and Model 3 vanity mirrors comes with lights now, coat hanger rungs and USB ports in the back too. Steering wheel seems smaller and vegan textile seats both okay with me. Everything is controlled via the central screen and thumb roller balls on each side of steering wheel including steering wheel height/ distance adjustments.
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