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For those who have ridden in a Model 3, how is the ride quality? How does it compare to a Model S?


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    The latest OCDetailing video says the 3 has “a pretty stiff suspension setup.” That’s with the 18” wheels. The Motor Trend first look said “The ride is Alfa Giulia (maybe even Quadrifoglio)–firm”. That was with 19” wheels.
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    I think it's more toward sporty ride than comfy ride. Even the Model S is more toward the sporty side.
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    Model 3 vs Nissan Leaf ride quality:

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    Yeah, the Leaf (weve put almost 50,000 miles on ours) feels pretty uninspiring. Better than most ICE cars I’ve owned due to the low COG and predictable but overly damped. Really looking forward to the M3.
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    The ride is great, a bit more stiff than the S but also a bit more nimble.
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    "Even the Model S is more toward the sporty side."

    Yes, but the S suspension is also compliant. The *ride and handling compromise* some Germans are renowned for, gladly, is also Tesla's forte. Or, it used to be, from what I hear about the 3's ride.

    However, I won't make a judgement until _I_ do a test drive. I am all about this important, albeit easily ignored part of what makes for a good _car_.
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    That Model 3 vs Nissan Leaf video concerns me. I think my Leaf is too bumpy, and the 3 will be even more so.

    I wish there was air suspension with an option for super soft mode. The stiff sporty ride makes for a good test drive, but for real world use I don't need to feel every line of paint on the road. Gets really old.
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    Former Model S, current Model 3 owner here.

    It's definitely a much stiffer ride than the Model S.

    I used to own a Model S with air suspension and one of the best parts was how it lowered itself at speed. Made for a spaceship like experience.

    I can see a Model 3 with air suspension being an improvement over the current 3. Not to mention, aesthetically speaking the Model 3 looks a bit lifted and it being a bit lower would imho make it look much more aesthetically appealing.
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    That video is pretty surprising, but that being said I loved the ride of the Model 3! Felt like a BMW 3-series but with way more torque and way more fun to drive. And the seats are 100x more comfortable than the most cars I've driven. That makes a huge difference in the comfort levels. I've never driven in a leaf, but I would put money on the seats in the leaf being less comfortable.
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    I agree with those that like the coil spring suspension. I used to have a Model S P85+ and the suspension was pretty good but my model three is better. Air suspension is nice once in a while to help get over curbs but it would also gps-activate while driving around town when I didn’t want it to. Quite frankly, it is something I can live without saving on the expense and the maintenance. The model three also owes it superior handling to lower weight and a shorter wheelbase, of course. All in all, I’m pleased as punch with the way it handles!
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    You can't please everyone with one setup. The 3 is a sporty sedan not a comfy sedan. If you enjoy sitting in a rocking chair this is not the car for you. Air suspension will make the car more compliant but at the same time you will lose some of the steering sharpness. Such is the case of the Model S too.
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    Yes, but when we get FSD, there will be great aftermarket demand for those shops who can install rocking chairs in place of the regular seats.
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    @ng0, you're spot on, the seats in the Leaf are really uncomfortable.

    I actually like tight handling cars when the roads are smooth and curvy, but how often do we drive roads like that? The roads bad where I live and most of the time I'm stuck in traffic going in straight lines.
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    billlake2000 - that was funny :) Can we get the recliner mode too? I personally want to opt for the bed version!
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    Owner of Model S85 2016 AP1 with air suspension,love car.

    Our next door neighbor, who owns a MS85D, has a friend who owns a M3 let me test drive it yesterday. We went to a showroom floor a day before just to see it up close, sit and use the UI.

    The test drive, quicker throttle response from stop with Accelarator pedal, more torque it feels like, tighter steering ratio, and only once did I look for the instrument cluster.

    Over all I was impressed and looking forward to configure soon.

    Autopilot test was not much different from MS85 AP1 on short hills on expressways. Still searching so much so, it crossed left solid yellow line, I quickly corrected with steering wheel and AP disengaged. However on flat sections it was notably smoother. It will get better.....
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    Any S/X owners wishing they’d waited until air suspension is offered on Model 3 before configuring?
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    I think that it has a great ride. On a bumpy road it is tight and you can feel the bumps. But it is very smooth on nice roads. And very quiet.
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    Wow... Smooth on Smooth Roads, that is impressive /s
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    please dump your reservation due to others' perception of Model 3 handling. win win. that'll teach Tesla to try to ramp up production of a 1st run model. sheesh, people.

    Can't test drive? And that's the dealbreaker? yeah, time to move on to other more "reputable" car companies, especially those EV mfgs that compare equally to Tesla. Or wait for your own personal test drive and decide on merit, not hearsay. good grief it's sad how people have no patience. or common sense.

    We all have choices to make.
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    "The 3 is a sporty sedan not a comfy sedan."

    That's unfortunate because I want this car as an everyday driver and comfort is an important consideration.

    Those owners who have said it feels a little stiff, can you tell us whether you have the 18 or 19 inch wheels? Thanks.
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    I have 18” and it is definitely stiffer then my coil S. Might be more noticeable if coming from air suspension. I like feeling the road, but can appreciate that for some it may be more than they’re used to.
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    Just picked up 3 with premium interior, autopilot, etc.
    It is very loud, feels like an ICE car, anyone else find this? Have 19" wheels.
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    "That's unfortunate because I want this car as an everyday driver and comfort is an important consideration."

    Not unfortunate for people who use Porsche, BMW, Audi, or actually any decent car as a daily driver. The rest are actually unfortunate imo.
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    Sporty is probably a foreign word to you but it feels real funny for someone who came from the Leaf claims he wants a comfortable daily driver. I think Leaf is what you said but feel free to tell us what other nice daily driver you have or had.
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    What about the tire pressure? Some people inflate tires quite a bit more just to go that one or two extra miles, trading in a lot of comfort in the process.
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