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Powerwall 2 AC has crashed twice in last week No help from Tesla.

Symptom: Tesla app updates but no energy is flowing. All flow is dark. The Gateway has failed. Twice now in last week. To make this circumstance even more egregious the Gateway failure has cut off my solar power. Calls to Support reach input personnel who take my message - triage. They know little. In fact, they don't maintain a database of issues related to my unit. Kindergarten cops. They stonewall and kick it up the road to the Diagnostic team. The Diagnostic team doesn't call back. I heard one of the receptionists reveal that the DT is one person. They pressure the installer to come back and do a "fix". The install is perfect. The product is a failure.

I want my money back. This company is strictly amateur.


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    I'd suggest you call the Installer to come and diagnose what sounds like a hardware failure. If you switch the PW-2 (battery) unit off with the small power switch, this may restore solar power.

    Have a little confidence, these products are quite new and like all new things, they are subject to some teething problems but it sounds like you were just unlucky.

    I have a unit installed about 4 weeks ago and am highly impressed with the performance. The Mobile App functions/displays are also well thought out but the data retention and control of the unit is another story :-)


    Harry E.
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    Thanks Harry. I'll calm down...
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    I have a ticket opened with Powerwall 2 support for over 3 weeks to fix a simple issue with the reservation level of the battery not being able to change. Their lack of communication and response is astounding. I feel your frustration. All I can say is try to hang in there. The product is definitely not ready for prime time.
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    I've had multiple calls back for various issues and while it hasn't been all good, I have to say for a new product (for Tesla) they are doing pretty well. Sometimes you do get some incorrect answers but most of the time the people you speak to will go out of their way to find the right ones.
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    Gawd I wish these self-identified major a-holes would stop with the spam resurrections of dead threads. Tesla supposedly has blocked all but registered owners of Tesla products. Guess again...
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