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Norfolk Supercharger?

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I'm heading down from Arlington to Cape Charles this week and in planning the trip in my Model S Norfolk SC does not show on the navigation map. Any idea why this is so? Has anyone used the Norfolk SC recently? It still appears on the superchargersinfo.com Thanks. roy


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    It certainly shows on Tesla's website. https://www.tesla.com/findus#/bounds/37.040886,-76.133872,36.820757,-76.3455689?search=supercharger&name=norfolk

    Perhaps it does not show on your screen because there are many others superchargers closer (i.e., in view)?
    Another thought is if you have an S60 this charger may be out of range for the car (I am not an expert but I did stay at a Holiday Inn express once!)?
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    Did you plot the trip on your map? It should show the most effecient stops.
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    2A and 2B did not work for me today. Reported to Tesla.
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