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LED vs Halogen comparison

Hey guys. Just have a question regarding LED vs Halogen comparison. My question is, with the LED's only being 500 lumens, will it be like riding with a 35w halogen(dim and dull), seeing as the lumens on the LED equal the same as a 35w halogen? Or will it appear brighter due to it being a whiter light?
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    I suspect it is not just the light source but also the reflector that plays a part. I just bought an electric Golf as a stopgap since my M3 will not make it here for a couple of years. The Golf has LED lights and we set it up alongside my Touareg Hybrid which has Bi-Xenons. On these cars there was little to choose between the light produced. While the LEDs had a sharper cutoff if I was pushed to make a decision I think the Xenons were brighter.
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    LED lamps are better in many respects
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    While some argue that the higher initial cost of LED lamps is not worth saving while reducing energy consumption, from time to time studies have shown that the return on investment is quickly recovering (from several months to several years, depending on use)
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