New Denver Tesla Service Center

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I live in Littleton off of Bowles Ave. Had a service appointment yesterday (trunk wouldn't open but car thought trunk was wide open) so drove the 40 minutes up to the Denver Tesla Service Center on Evans near Monaco. When I arrived, I found an empty building with no signage. There was a note taped to the door that said, "Moved to 5700 S. Broadway." Drove 40 minutes back to Littleton and found a beautiful, spacious new Tesla Service Center in what used to be Schomp Honda/BMW across from Littleton High School (where all my kids went). They fixed the car and were very courteous. I asked how long they'd been there and was told they moved to the new facilities about 5 weeks ago. I suggested that, for the near future at least, it might be a good idea to tell Tesla owners that they'd moved when they call for appointments. On the other hand, the new facility is only about 5 minutes from my home rather than 40!

2016 Model S 90D


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    I got a couple of emails about them relocating. Are you getting emails from Tesla? There was one just a couple days about a weekend social.
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    I have never got an email from Tesla, since I took delivery December 22, 2016.

    How do I get on their list?

    I knew the Service Center was moving when I went to their Gallery in Vail and was advised, at that time.
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    Call them?
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    Check your "Tesla Account" (probably in the upper-right corner of your browser). It has a section for Communication Preferences. Maybe you need to check that. Aside from service emails, I only get 1-2 emails a month from Tesla. They're good about not spamming you.
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    FYI - The Denver-Evans Avenue service center has opened again, I had service there yesterday. One of the service reps mentioned that the Superior location should be open by summer. Of course I'll believe it when it happens.
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    Looks like the service center will not open after all. :(
    Hope that changes.
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    Hey, @Jillith, they *are* building out the interior now, with reports from a couple sources, including a Ranger, that indeed Tesla is moving ahed with this location. Finally :)
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    @jwins - I certainly hope so on the Superior location!
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    We could sure use one south of Denver
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