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Before considering a Tesla Solar Roof I would need to see installation and wiring diagrams. 12V? - 24V? - 48V? Parallel or Series? Roof penetrations? There doesn't seem to be any information available for the PV or passive roof tiles. Is this system a reality or just a pipe dream?


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    Hello, Do you speak French ??

    I live in Quebec city, Canada and I need information about solar roof please because i have to change my roof now before winter if I don't want to have a problem with the intrusion of water...

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    When you sign up for an install with Solar City (Tesla) they will provide the engineering diagrams of the proposed system for your approval before the install begins. It does take time. I signed up almost 2 weeks ago and should be getting my plans any day now. They are already working on permits and coordinating with the electric company.
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    Do the diagrams show the series connected panels in an open loop radiating like an antenna? The correct wiring is to send wire from panel to panel to the last panel then back along same path twisted with the wire going from panel to panel thus self-shielding like a twisted pair cable.
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