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Tesla Solar Roof Cost vs. Asphalt Roof with PV Panels

Hello Fellow Tesla fans!

I'm considering buying a house in Seattle and outfitting it with either the Tesla Solar Roof or a regular roof plus solar combo, in the near future. The property I am looking at will probably need a new roof within a year or so, anyways, so I am considering energy efficient roofing options.

From the research, I've done, a regular asphalt shingles roof cost anywhere from $5K to $14K

If I were to outfit it with solar panels, it would be another $15K. So, I am looking at a grand total of about $25K for a new roof with PV panels combo and an expected 25 to 30 years lifespan.

Anybody can chime on how a Tesla solar roof would compare? The property has about 20 squares of roofing surface. Most of the energy would be generated in the summer, as we have some pretty thick clouds here in the winter.

I am mostly curious about costs and feasibility considerations.

Let me know your thoughts.



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