MyTesla Insurance

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I have a Model 3 on order (like everybody else on the planet) but I got an insurance quote online from the Tesla website link to Liberty Mutual. The online price was $49 a month which sounded good then they called me to make sure I was “getting all the discounts I could” in their words. Once they transferred me to the agent the quote went up to $130 a month “because of my history”. I told him that I haven’t had an accident or ticket in over 20 years and he could not explain the price difference. USAA, my current insurance, quoted less than $50 a month to add it to my policy! LM was a huge waste of time and although I’m a massive fan of everything Tesla this was NOT a good experience. If they think their cars are safer and should cost less to insure then they really need to watch what LM is doing quoting these bait and switch rates!


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