A Plea from Iceland to Tesla

Icelandic Tesla owners don't have the option to turn a Service Center visit into a road trip, unlike the Portuguese which, with about as many cars at the time, have been granted a Service Center. If there is a problem with the cars they need to be loaded into a container and shipped across the Atlantic to Rotterdam and trucked to Tilburg. With 66 cars already in Iceland and many Model 3's preordered we feel it is time Tesla opened a Service Center in Iceland. We would only need one, the country isn't that big and the majority of Tesla's are in the Southwest corner of the country.

Please help us by spreading this video around, so it hopefully will catch the eye of Elon Musk and the Tesla team.


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    Nice video! Hopefully Tesla hears and sets up a service center and a few SCs along the ring road.
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    Great video, I heartedly concur, Tesla needs to bring an Service Center and some SCs to Iceland. Very impressed with Iceland's adoption of renewable energy.
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    Do you honestly believe there is a financial case for a service center for 66 cars?
    Just to have one car to work on every work day of the year each of those 66 would have to spend 4 days in the shop.

    Expanding stupidly will make it a lot harder to expand intelligently.
    Write back once there are a few hundred more cars there.

    I get it service is a big problem, but opening service centers for ever pocket of a few cars would be financial suicide.
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    @Should_I, you are getting this the wrong way round. There are 66 Teslas in Iceland despite it being hell to get it serviced. The tesla-per-capita ratio shows a great willingness to drive green. A small service center with one or two staff would certainly increase the tesla sales there by an order of magnitude.

    (I live in Norway so I no self interest in this, I just wanted to make sure this didn't turn into a chicken and eggs discussion. The chickens are already there. Bring the eggs!)
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    I get that service is hard, but it will take a LOT more cars to be financially worthwhile. If a case can be made that building a center will result in 1000sales year one maybe it can make sense. Till then............
    I live in WI, and have either a 3 hour drive to Chicago or I choose 5hours to Minneapolis. Not as bad a shipping a car but not easy and I knew it going in. There are I would say less than 10 in the metro area I am closest to, I don't expect a service center for a long time.
  • Should_I, how many cars were in Portugal when Tesla announced they were coming there and how many are there now?
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    As long as the loaner is a Tesla, is it that big of a deal if it takes awhile for service?
    350,000 people in Iceland. Ranger program when it becomes economical. 66 teslas is not a compelling number for a service station - even 350 Teslas, but I don't know what the magic number is.

    Iceland has an amazing appreciation for ecology, and I completely appreciate that.

    If Tesla were to build a service center there, I think they would do it as a bet that icelanders would buy 500 more cars than if there were no service center. But then again, the goal is not to need service someday in the far future.

    I feel for you Iceland, but it is a hard sell right now.
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    Chiming in to support this. Much respect for those Tesla owners in Iceland who deal with the potential service headache!
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    The car market is not huge indeed, but maybe there is a case for smaller center. After all Tesla speaks about mobile service centers that will be servicing most of car needs right at client's parking spot.
  • There are lots of good reasons for Tesla to take good care of its Iceland market. Iceland attracts a lot of tourists, mostly people with a somewhat bigger budget because eating and sleaping there is quite expensive.

    I would see a sound business case for Tesla if they were to work with the rental car companies there that cater to all of those tourists. And some (mostly european) people will come by ferry with their own Teslas too.

    If a fully equiped SC with 'sales' staff and all that is not viable, then maybe at least a well equiped work shop and a Tesla Ranger could be an alternative.

    I could even see a SuC-business case with just 4 stations: one in Reykjavik, one in the south, one in the east (possibly near Eydisfjördur or Egilsstadir) and one near Akureyri, combined with a few destination chargers near hotels and B&B's. They can all run on Icelands renewable geothermal energy.

    You have my vote, Iceland!
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    Maybe every so often Tesla could send over a Ranger with a truck load of parts.

    Owners could notify Tesla of their specific needs, and they could bring over the proper parts and supplies to effect some basic repairs.

    Maybe even keep a shipping container somewhere to store supplies and some equipment.

    Out of the box thinking, but not enough vehicles to justify a complete regular service center with staffing and supplies.

    Perhaps having a local mechanic trained in basic services could add Tesla service to his other lines.
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    @Johann: Great video. What are the answers to you rhetorical question about Portugal? @ Should_I is making all the usual bean counter arguments. But that shouldn't deter you from continuing to call out for help. Morten's point is figurative, but well taken. Keep up the bleating Johann. Something good will happen. Hopefully Tesla will bring the eggs, sooner than "soon".
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    I agree that it's hard to see the cost justification for an actual building there, but Service Rangers can do almost everything for the cars except for things that require putting it fully up on a lift. I definitely think this is worthy of some scheduled visits every 2 or 3 months.
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    Support! As others have said, try to set up a ranger for the basics. They can also handle the heavy stuff if a shop can be borrowed. That’s how they handle those of us in western Japan.
  • @TM21 | October 22, 2017
    No loaner. We pay to have the car shipped to Holland and have to make our own arrangements for transportation in the meantime.
    We would really want to know the Magic Number instead of being in Limbo.

    @Al1 | October 23, 2017
    That would be perfect.

    @bert_troubleyn | October 23, 2017
    Agree wholeheartedly

    @Uncle Paul | October 23, 2017
    Would work for us.

    @Muddy wa us | October 23, 2017
    Hope is all we have.

    @Rocky_H | October 23, 2017

    @JayInJapan | October 24, 2017
    All we're asking :)
  • @Muddy wa us, my question to Should_I wasn't rhetorical, I don't have numbers for Portugal.
  • All we want is a commitment, be it 100 cars or 200 cars, we just want to know.
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    I support this. Iceland is a green country trying to move away from fossil fuels. They deserve all the support they can get. I believe that putting a Tesla Service Center there should increase sales
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    Portugal isn't a freaking island, it is attached to Europe.
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    @Should_I. Well then Portugal is less deserving of a Service center because they can always drive to Spain and don't need to have their cars shipped.
  • Update on this,

    Tesla opened their doors here in Iceland on 9/9/19 and deliveries started at the end of February 2020, at the end of the year 907 cars had been delivered making the tally 1048 cars.

    2 supercharger (V2) sites have already opened in Reykjavík, one with 2 stalls and the other with 4, and one V3 site with 8 stalls has opened on the way to Akureyri with 4 more planned on the ringroad for 2021Q2.
  • Glad that our friends in Iceland got it going. Congrats guys!
  • Icefree is commenting on Iceland!
  • Oh the irony. Iceland might be ice free soon if we all don't become ICEfree.
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