EV Plate Renewal

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Renewal for Illinois EV plates is this year. $35 for two more years. It happens in the odd years. You cannot renew on line, you either have to mail in a check or go to one of the offices. More than likely you received a letter, or will get one soon. If you purchased EV plates recently, the letter might not show up.

In past years the branch DMV offices didn't carry the EV stickers. That may have changed in the past two years. I do know for certain the office on Elston in Chicago has them, they are a full service office.


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    The renewal notice that I received was for $48. @Dlebryk, was yours $35 this time?
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    We own a 2014 model s and a 2016 Model X. I just mailed in the renewals. The model S was $48, and the X was $35. Unless I have that backwards, but I am pretty sure that was the breakdown because it did not make a lot of sense to me. The only other difference was that I had to hand write my DL # on the Model S renewal while it was already printed on the X. No idea why the difference.
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    Either way $35 or $48 for 2 years is a huge savings over what it would cost to register an Ice vehicle for 2 years.
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    Interesting - yes $35.

    Interesting that Illinois would charge you two different prices - $48 and $35. That's well worth asking at special services, if you care about the $13 (probably not worth the time).

    EV plates are handled by Special Services at the DMV / Secretary of State office. That requires a full service office - like the one on Elston. Deerfield, and Libertyville and most certainly not full service offices.
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    @CNSMS - You got that right - $101 per year versus $35 for two. I'll never understand why anybody would keep regular plates on a Tesla. Especially somebody that transfers them from an ICE to a Tesla. I vaguely get the vanity plate idea. But some random number plate - I've seen a few of those.
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    A little late on this, but I called the state. My renewal came in at $48. They said there is a glitch that assigns a premium for vanity plate if you have three digits or less. They told me to cross out the $48, write in $35 and mail it in. Hope it works.
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    Just got our used S75 and transferred title, taxes, new plates ($1600 total?!)

    She asked if I wanted EV plates or standard.
    I asked wht is what and why and how are they different.
    Se said standard land-o-lincoln plates are $110 and that per year. EV plates are $245 and again each year.
    ?! WHy would I want EV plates?! I asked
    She said previously I HAD to take them and bigger cost cause they wont be getting gas tax from me. But now can have standard plates and that is what I did
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    CooHead - they lied to you. Until January 1st, you could register an EV in IL for 35 bucks for 2 years, though I believe they all ended in December so your registration would have ended in December of 2020. Starting Jan 1, it was 251 dollars to register an EV.

    It is also my understanding that you will not be able to keep your non-EL plate on your Tesla come renewal time BECAUSE they want you to pay the 251 dollars to register it.
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