Model 3 reservation in Chicago

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I put a reservation in for a Model 3 on March 13, 2016. I still own a 2012 Model S P85. My question is that the estimator says January to March 2018 delivery (it has always said this). Reading the Model 3 Forums, it seems many current owners have an earlier estimate. Not sure if it has to do with Chicago schedule, that is why I’m posting this question here.



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    I’m a current owner living in Chicago and have a reservation window of Nov 2017 — Jan 2018 for the launch version (rear-wheel-drive, extended range battery and premium package). Other variations would take longer (smaller battery was another 3 months and all-wheel-drive was an additional 3 months beyond that or thereabouts). It is worth noting, however, that even though I am now within my delivery window, I have yet to be granted access to the Model 3 Design Studio. If memory serves, I placed my Model 3 reservation right around the same time you did.....can’t remember the exact date. Good luck.
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    My M3 reservation window has now slipped one month (Dec 2017-Feb 2018).....but my MS75D is getting "uncorked" tomorrow so still much to look forward to.... Grin.
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