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Tesla App does not connect to Powerwall

About 2 days ago my Tesla App would come up with an error when I tried to connect to my Powerwall. After reloading the App and logging back in today I am not getting error but not getting any power flow indications and it constantly appears to be trying to connect. I called help desk and all they did was make me reboot my wifi which did nothing and then pushed it to "tier 2" help desk. Any one have any ideas?


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    I have just had a tesla 2 installed and I can't get onto the app to view my solar usage
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    Mine was installed yesterday & worked perfectly, then today it's the same as you guys. It says "Standby", and can't view any usage, or power flow indications.
    It sounds like something is wrong on their servers. Hope the PW2 itself is operating as it should.
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    Actually... I just rebooted the gateway (cycled the circuit breaker), and it came back online a few minutes later. I did read someone else having issues with the gateway crashing a few times a week, and needing repairs.
    Hopefully it doesn't happen again to me.
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    Maybe something was wrong with their server because it seems that yesterday's values were doubled. Both usage and generation.
    Anyone else?
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    10th Nov. Everything ok at 7:30 am but when checking at 11:00 app giving a connection error with a reference to one of the solar systems (we have 2 ). Switched off and on AC for solar system and gateway - still no connection - internet obviously working (I'm logged on to enter this).Any thoughts?
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    If you are using the 'phone App v3.2.1 it seems to have connectivity issues. Stop/start the App again.
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    Mine was installed on 25th September. Installer did not get it commissioned that day and in fact Tesla Support got it going remotely on 20 th Oct! Now wall is working well but app is not displaying correct info and I am trying to get installer back to check metering connections.
    At least I am not paying for electricity at the moment
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    I have the PW2 for a few weeks now. All fine until yesterday when the app did not connect anymore: "Home Energy Gateway: Unavailable" and "Powerwall Connection Error".
  • Hi all, PW2 installed but the app has always noted that the Gateway is on standby, how do I get this to move from Standby?
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