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Solar roof tile orientation and pitch

I've gleaned from some of the comments that the preferred pitch is 3-1/2 to 4:12 (depending on your area of the country). But what about orientation? Assuming that the same principle of south facing is best, East and West are less desirable but will still work, and that North is a no-go. Is this true for the roof tiles as well? Is there any sort of guidance from Tesla on pitch and orientation? Thank you!


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    One thing to consider about orientation is that if you're on a Time of Use rate plan then an afternoon kWh is more valuable than a morning kWh. Afternoon ToU rates might be up to twice the morning rate, meaning you'll potentially get significantly more $ value if you include some southwesterly or even full westerly facing panels. Total kWh will be lower but the $ recovered (or offset) can be much higher than for a full southern exposure.
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