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What are the risks of buying a used Roadster?

I would love to have a Roadster, but can only do so by buying an older one (2008-2010). What issues am I likely to encounter? I live about an hours drive from a Service center in Richmond, Va., so I should be able to get service. Does a used 2010 (20,000 - 40,000 miles) have any warranty on the battery pack or other items? How long could I expect the battery to last? Are there other things I should worry about (other than the usual warnings about used cars)? Thanks!


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    Get one that was driven regularly. If the battery was left empty for long, it’s likely bricked.

    Now if you have the time and money, Tesla can replace the battery with a new 80kWh one and you will be fine. What a fun car to drive.

    Remember the Roadster cannot use Tesla Superchargers. AC charging only. Trunk space is minuscule. Really.
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    I have a 2011 Roadster that I would be willing to sell....
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    @benatrainer: where are you located?
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    To try and answer your questions - the biggest risk I see is parts supply, though in some ways via attrition (crashes etc) some body parts are becoming available in the aftermarket via recycling. Some level of repair is possible on carbon fiber parts but if you get a big crash, it's a harder job than a metal car.

    I'm fortunate that the Freemont service area is close enough to me - the most knowledgeable Roadster techs I've encountered have been there. If something comes up, many new techs are like "hmm". Even most Tesla owners I've bumped into didn't know the Roadster was the original :)

    Warranty depends on many factors - mine has 84k miles but a little over 2 years/30k miles on the 3.0 battery upgrade and a year on a completely reman PEM. Some folks who bought the battery extension warranty might have a year or 2 on that depending.

    Even though it's the wrong cost for you, I'll add to the have one that might be ready for adoption

    Good luck in your search
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