Austin, TX Model 3?

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I drive a Model S and I'm considering a change. Has anyone in the Austin area taken delivery of a Model 3? If so, any chance I could take a look at your car to get a real/visual sense of dimensions, etc?

Thanks in advance


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    Neither of those apply to me, but I just configured my car, and it says "4 weeks", and I'm in San Antonio, so if you're still looking when take delivery, will happily meet you somewhere to let you check it out.
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    We looked at the Model 3 at the Southlake Gallery over the weekend (Houston evidently also has one at the Galleria).

    We are replacing our 2012 S P85 with a Model 3, as soon as the ultra white interior is available.

    Compared to our S P85 and S 100D, the interior feels comparable in size, the trunk is much smaller, the frunk is larger than our S 100D, but smaller than the S P85. The 3 interior has some advantages (door storage pockets, armrest with cupholders for the back seat).

    Sitting in the car confirmed we plan to stay on track and replace our S P85 (hopefully soon).
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    Tons of Model 3's in Austin now :)
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