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Powerwall 2 Connection Error

App was working fine but has stopped updating, saying "Powerwall Connection Error". Have power cycled the Powerwall 2.

Are the servers possibly down?


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    The Android app seems to get confused frequently. The solution is usually to close it and restart it. If that doesn't work:
    - check your WiFi.
    - turn off WiFi, restart the app -- using mobile internet
    - go with your mobile to the PowerWall and check that both WiFi and GSM are up at that location.
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    Thanks for the reply fk, tried that, force closed the App as well, and still doesn't work. 4G and Wifi is up, I can see the Powerwall in the WiFi selections as well. Powerwall 2 appears to be working and not indicating errors. Also tried disabling wifi on the phone and connecting by 4g but same issue. Has been working great for a month or so, just stopped yesterday around 11:30am and hasn't come back online.
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    You need to stay off for at least a minute when you power-cycle the Powerwall(s); I fell for that one.
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    To see if it is the app or your PowerWall, in a Mac or PC browser, use the following URL:
    replacing [PowerWall_local_IP] with the actual IP of your PowerWall on your local WiFi network.

    The data coming back is bit hard to decypher (see other threads), but at least you'll know that your PowerWall is functioning.
    If nothing back, then you have an issue with either the PowerWall itself (hopefully communication module only).
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    I hate WiFi and avoid it if at all practical. Can someone tell me if there is support for a wired ethernet jack on the PowerWall?
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    You can use Ethernet instead of WiFi from the gateway. You can also use RS485 instead of WiFi for the connections between the gateway and the sensor(s).
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    I have the same persistent problem with newly installed Powerwall2. Initially 3G GSM signal seemed to be the fault. Tesla unable to do anything remotely. Rebooting whole system brought it back on line but dropped out again after a day. Tesla came out and changed connection to WiFi but problem has recurred. Gateway does not seem to be able to autoreconnect if coneection drops out either 3G or WiFi.
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    I had a powerwall2 installed about nine weeks ago, initially the app was working fine however it has started to drop out, rebooting everything was bring the app back on line but now the it'st getting worse and the last drop put was three days ago and no amount of switching on and off has not brought it back on. Come on Tesla get your finger out and give us a better system to let us now how to get the system up and running.
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    Is this a common occurrence with the App? I am getting my 2 PW2 installed in Aug. Hope Tesla will work on these bugs as more people get their PWs installed. Do we know what percentage of people experience these issues and how common is this? Thanks
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    Be careful, the products Tesla sells are great, but if anything malfunctions the crew are clueless. We purchased a 11.7 Kw system to drive the whole house and purchased two powerwalls. One of the powerwalls has malfunctioned from the start! Then they had a system wide malfunction of the App, which knocked out the good one. It has been two months without any communication from them concerning the 1st powerwall other than when we call and they give us the same excuses which does not solve any problems. Finally we asked them to please schedule to have a tech come by just to re-set the good one. They said it would be three weeks!!! I called them back and they sent some fellow out here to just reconnect the good powerwall, then he tells my wife we are using to much power and to just use the powerwall for power backup only??? The tech then makes up an excuse the powerwall's are back ordered and we are just going to have to wait, of course while we pay for the now useless powerwalls.

    The sad part is the products are excellent the support is lousy. (O the folks I talk to are very nice, but can not help solve any problems.) I taught electronics for 10 years and they talk to me like I don't understand what is going on. Give me the software to properly monitor and operate my system and the design so I can fix my powerwall. $5500/powerwall 2 cost, and you would think they would be above the game. Do not, I repeat do not let them install the wifi monitoring system. It is worthless. Have them hard wire the monitoring system to your internet router. At least it has less chance of of malfunctioning. A big problem with the wifi, when it goes down, it locks up the whole system, both monitoring and operations. Also I am almost convinced their Q/A is poor. My failing powerwall could be discharging across a faulty relay or it is an installation error . Sounds like an easy fix, but they want to change out the whole unit which they do not have!! i absolutely hate complaining, but with all the money we invested in this system and the amount of time I worked to convince my wife it was a good idea, well you get the idea.

    Everything rises and falls on leadership, of which is greatly lacking in this area. My advice, you paid for it, make them do their job, so we all can enjoy what their wonderful products they make were promised to us. Come on Tesla work with us here or at least be honest about your support capabilities.
  • I'm having the Powerwall connection problem which has hit me too, it is intermittent, it worked fine for six hours this morning, but it has gone again, I have emailed [email protected] but sadly no reply yet
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    @mfaradayIt- can you please elaborate on connecting by hardwire on to my router instead of using Tesla Fi monitoring system? They are scheduled to install 2 PW2 for me on Aug1-2. I have a Verizon Fios gigabit router and it is really good. I don't want the installers not to listen to me. I want to take advice from people from the forum and make any mistake if that will help me. Thanks.
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    There is an Ethernet connection on the gateway that they can run right to your router. That might give you a little more control. The big problem is their remote tinkering with the powerwalls. For some reason they fell like they must do an update and lately it has caused all kinds of problems. Address this issue with your Tesla rep., also be sure to make them design the system you want. It took me three times to get it right which wasted precious time. Also, make sure you check with county permitting. Many times they have already approved the permit the day after it has been submitte just to find out the permit crew at Tesla never bother to check, and thus the project sits for 3 weeks. Also, Tesla shows wonderful pictures of the new Pansonic solar panels, but put the old stile on your room. nail them down to what style panels they are planning to use. Hope this helps. Have a great day, and persevere! We still love our system, when the sun is out our system drives the heat pump for the pool and most the house. It's a scheduling breeze, and when the powerwall works it saves all kinds of money running when the panels don't. Make them give you answers, research and keep them honest.
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