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I thought adding A CAV compressed air motor electrical generator.Uses air pressure to turn motor stored in air tanks.This would be used into the battery charging system to give constant recharging even stopped.Air compressor fills airtanks while driving or battery etc...I might be something.Creates free electricity even can use it on homes.Could be an asset.I read about few developers using this on vehicles but only using CAV but I think combining both the electric car & CAV might give a longer driving range for a Tesla prototype.Hey give it a try Elon.Also I like the moving sidewalks at airports imagine if you have a highway like that powered by one of your plants.I thought it would great to just sit in a chair go all over town.Anyway have fun x.


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    What about developing solar cells in glass that can replace the panels on you garage and give the garage door a frameless glass look. If you can design the glass in a way that will point the cells more to the sky (sun) that would be helpful. I would think that it would be an easy way to add solar to your home without placing panels on your roof and at the same time improve the looks of hour home.

    See example:
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