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Technical Specs

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Anyone have any technical details beyond what is posted on Tesla webpage? Tire size? Gearbox? Anything else?


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    Michelin pilot sport cup 2 325/30ZR21 rear, 295/35ZR20 front. Y rated, same as 918 Snyder. (This info is from photos at the event. This may change, since model 3s at the reveal events all has 20’s, but only 18s and 19s available now, 20s will probably come with the AWD model 3 release)

    My guess is that Tesla will always use single speed gearboxes.

    I’ve got a founder’s roadster reserved, it would be nice to get an invite to ride in the roadster 2020 prototype.
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    There are some Y tube videos that speculate about as well as possible. But not sure there will be anything official for awhile.
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    Hello i have a question,
    what kind of used electric motor for Roadster? İs it induction motor?
    Can you give us some information about the electric motors?
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    The original Roadster, S and X all use induction motors. The Model 3 uses a Permanent Magnet type motor - usually chosen for lower power output and slightly better efficiency.

    Other than that, no one in the forums knows what motor will be used in the Roadster 2020, although another induction motor is likely considering the power it offers.
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    Just to add Model 3's is permanent magnet induction motor, as opposed to PM DC motor.
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    Carlk, Permanent Magnet AC motor. Never heard of a Permanent magnet induction motor (probably because it doesn’t exist). Induction motors are called induction motors because the stator induces a magnetic field in the rotor; permanent magnet motors do not- because they have magnets.
    PMDC motors are generally thought of as brush commutated motors- like the battery powered motors commonly found in toys. Strangely and ambiguously, BLDC motors do not use brush commutation and are in fact PMAC motors.
    I have no interest in getting into a pissing match with you, so if you disagree, I won’t argue it.
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    Yes it's permanent magnet AC motor. Thanks,
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