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My 2014 60kWh CPO car does not have free super charging

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Hi All,

I am new to this forum as I placed my first Tesla CPO order an hour ago. It is a 2014 60kWh model $46,920
--copy pasting the web content for my car--
Silver Metallic Paint
Black Roof
19" Wheels
Black Performance Leather Seats
Piano Black Décor
Black Alcantara Headliner
Standard Suspension
Tech Package with Autopilot

The Tech Package adds a host of features to an already advanced car.
Autopilot convenience features available through software updates
Onboard maps and navigation for North America with free updates for 7 years
LED running lights, cornering lights, and fog lamps
Automatic keyless entry
Lighted door handles
Power liftgate
Electrochromatic mirrors
Power folding, heated side mirrors
GPS enabled Homelink
Memory seats, mirrors, and driver profile

HOW EVER, in this whole exciting moment I realized after booking that this did not show the "free supercharging" symbol nor did the description have it. I am puzzled.

Can someone help me understand what is going on? customer service has been terrible already, I was put on hold and nobody got back to me with right details.

Has anybody had similar purchase chaos? (Yes, I'd really appreciate free supercharging :'()


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    Supercharging was an option on the original 60. Sounds like the one you purchased may not have that option.
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    But this sounds like a late 2014 with AP1. Weren't 60s enabled for superchargers by default at that time?
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    Thanks, tes-s. Do you know how much it'd cost to add it now?
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    2014 S60 did not come with supercharging. Unless you had the software limited S60/75, you need to fork another $2.5K + tax for the option.
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    It's a CPO from the Tesla website? I've been watching that site daily and haven't seen anything in days other than the red 85 listed there now.
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    I am seeking the answer for the same rxlawdude. What I am hoping to understand soon is whether even after $2.5k upgrade will it provide free supercharging as I am purchasing it before Dec 31st 2017. Atleast I'd expect that they'd give 400kWh credits per year in that case.

    CV- I just happened to check every hour today and there were 2 new ones that showed up. My budget was under 50K and I am based out of CA. I had 5 options and this car being the lowest $. I wanted AP so picked this over the 85kWh. Try checking As pulls your location and is probably showing you what's local for you ($0 transportation fee). Else try incognito window, you should be able to find the full list of current CPOs.
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    Thanks. I've been checking as I am waiting to take ownership of my 2914 silver S60. Was keeping an eye out in the meantime on the off chance a < 50k 85 showed up. A little nervous about a 100 mile a day commute with the 60 in NJ winters. I'll try incognito.
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    CV63 check out this 85kWh one this probably comes with transportation fees. As it is located in CA
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    @avy2911 - $2.5K is lifetime supercharging fee for S60. It is nowhere near free...

    No SC access means no charging credits.
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    Thank you for all the responses. Update- Today, Tesla specialist got in touch and I was told that they are enabling supercharging for this car although the previous owner did not have it. So with that I get unlimited supercharging for free.So there was no additional $ I was asked to pay up for supercharging. I will be receiving the car next month. Thrilled!
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    Under 50k with AP? I asked for that over a month ago and the sales advisor laughed and said nothing with AP under 60k. Sounds like a good deal
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    Congratulations! Welcome to the Tesla Family! I also bought mine through I saw it on the site. Pretty good deal. My 2014 (31k miles) came from Atlanta, had it shipped to Vegas ( $2k shipping fee) on top of price. Cost $53k. Good find!
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    vincevsound yeah, the dealerships told the same to me however I just held my hopes high and was waiting for something to show up with AP. Dark blue metallic or Silver was always on top of my list and once I saw AP and metallic silver combination- I went all in :)

    Mapowing, thank you. I can tell you that I regretted missing out some nice preferred color cars from cpo inventory however I guess the wait was just right to find AP under 50k on their site. Congratulations to you as well!
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    Avy: Congrats - you got a great deal there! Just be prepared for possible delivery delays and possible bad communication from Tesla. Delivery is their achilles heel. but once you have the car it should be smooth (and fast!) sailing!
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    I agree with Wilber.. I'm going on about 8 weeks waiting for mine to show up.. If the stars aline, I'm hoping for delivery this weekend...You have to bug them just to get any information.
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    There will be cars under 60k with AP in the coming months. Wait until the floodgates open in January.
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