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REQUEST: Website-based packaged Solar-PW-Car estimator using Google's Sunroof project

Please implement some comprehensive tool for compiling the hard data from Google's Sunroof project pairing that data with the ~95% design confidence of Tesla product performance for ballpark estimator of material needs and cost.


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    The tesla engineer who came and did my site visit used their own custom interface to map and estimate the panels on my roof. It required a couple educated inputs regarding height/angle of the roof, as well as heights of obstacles. Those might be available for them to share, similar to what they have done for the solar shingle estimator. It looks similar, but different, from Project Sunroof data. But he guesstimated the height of the trees and placed them as objects onto the satellite image. From there, he was able to conservatively estimate what sort of power output I could expect. But then, when the site surveyor came out, he used pictures from the roof and an overlay of the sun's path, to more precisely estimate energy production.

    I share all that to say- I don't think they will be wiling to give you any sort of 95% design confidence without a site visit from one of their solar consultants.
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