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Idea about saving more energy

Hi there,
Im ashk and I have an idea to save more energy for cars.
As you know, it is necessary to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy in order to move the car. Now, if we do the same, we can save the extra energy that we have to stop the car by getting unused energy back. That is, when the car starts to move, then driver attempts to stop the car, the extra mechanical energy is used to stopthe car and attempt to hold the car. but turning it back from mechanical to electrical energy will stop the car and also saves extra energy which was used to move the car through a point.


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    Please contact me , if u intrested my idea,
    my email : [email protected]
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    Hi Ashk-

    Your idea sounds like what is referred to as Regenerative Braking - which is where the electric car reverses the flow between the battery and motor. It uses the mechanical (spinning) energy of the motor to generate charge and put back into the battery- which at the same time causes resistance and slows the car.

    It isn't a 100%, thus you can't get unlimited range- but it does add some. It also has the added benefit of not needing to use the traditional brake pads, thus requiring less maintenance costs of the brakes over the life of the vehicle.
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