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Powerwall installation in Virginia.



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    Vaomega - Yes, I live in Northern VA, Fairfax County. I just literally turned on my solar system an our ago, FINALLY, after 10 weeks of waiting on Dominion Power. I started seeing solar power being flowing into the power gird, very excited anyhow. Everything went pretty smooth with SolarCity/Tesla except the last step waiting too long for Dominion Power. As for PW2, I ordered 2 when I signed the contract in March and was told expecting September time frame. I will work on this part next with my sales rep as there are cost discrepancies between his original quotes and the sales confirmation notice I received from Tesla.

    Happy to see solar power flowing after 3 months of waiting...
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    Expect major delays for power wall installation.
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    An update - my solar system has been running since June 25 and it has shown very impressive numbers. I did notice, however, that the peak production is about 80% of the designed capacity. I was told by Solar City that things are looking normal on their end. On PW2, I did get a dedicated energy consultant as the point of contact. I just emailed him and he responded to me right away saying "Because of the nationwide hold on Powerwall projects, there probably won’t be any updates given on the website for customers who are looking to get installed."
  • I'm going to build soon in Amelia County (close to the Glen Allen store). I'm wondering what cost would be for either a roof mounted solution and a ground mounted solution. I will be able to position the home for the back roof to face south too. I'd assume that monthly bills will be about $150/month. What was the size and cost of systems for people here? Thanks!
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    Well I have waited over a year of my system thus far I have the 10.4 KW panels installed but currently I am missing the two power walls. I had my generator removed as I was told I was getting the entire system installed at once. That was not the case. Now the Power wall is held up with something about Dominion VA not permitting the Battery system to Back feed to the grid. I can understand not back feeding during an Outage but not back feeding excess / surplus to an active grid sort of defeats the object of having the ability to sell surplus back to the grid. Still waiting for them to great the code to prevent this before I get my powerwalls. I hate not having back up power in my house.
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    Powerwalls don't backfeed to the grid, solar would, Dominion is being a dik
  • For the people in Northern Virginia that want a Powerwall installed: Ipsun Solar recently became a certified Tesla Powerwall installer and we're happy to serve our region: Northern VA, DC and MD.
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    I have been seeking information on this topic for the past few hours and found your post to be well written and has solid information. Thank you!
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    Good news, after waiting 11 months when solar panel was installed, I now just had two powerwall 2 installed. It took 3 people crew 6 hours to finish the job. I can see the power flow into the powerwall with my app. Can't wait to have an power outage to test out... lol
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    Is it cost -effective in NOVA to net-meter and get 2 Powerwalls? 10.3 KW system. Dominion Power. Any down falls? Should I switch to TOU pricing with Dominion?
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    I had solar installed by this company in Northern Virginia earlier this year and they now offer Tesla Powerwall installations!
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    Will it reduce the cost in NOVA for net meter and add power walls? However, a great informational post.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Here at I also share some other stuff that makes day to day life better.
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    I hate not having back up power in my house.
  • Really i appreciate the effort you made to share the knowledge. This is really a great stuff for sharing. Keep it up . Thanks for sharing.
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    I have read all the comments shared by the costumers about the Powerwall. I was really impressed. I like to install it in my home. Please do share the details of the shop or site from where I could order it.
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    Northern Virginia earlier this year and they now offer Tesla Powerwall installations!
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    I have Powerwall and Solar installed for 6 months now with Dominion Electric as the utility company in northern Virginia. Does anyone have issues with Dominion Electric unable to provide a monthly statement? I have net-metering installed.
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