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What happens when the power fails?

What does the PW2 do when the grid fails? Is there a disconnect switch that is installed with it to disconnect from the grid when it fails and operate the house as an island?


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    Depends on your country. If you're in US or Australia, PW2 comes with a Backup Gateway, which can function as an auto disconnect switch.
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    It would be the same as a solar set up. Power goes out and your home is disconnected from the grid.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by that patrick. Generally solar does not function when the grid fails. In order to do that you have to have a battery backup system that can disconnect from the grid and continue to power the house, then resynchronize and reconnect the grid when it comes back on.

    The datasheet for the PW2 shows it just being wired into your load center like another appliance rather than sitting between the load center and the service entrance, so it didn't look like it could possibly disconnect the house from the grid when it fails.
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    Note: This is true for the US, specifically Virginia. Not sure about other countries.

    A grid-tied solar panel system is supposed to shut down in a power outage so that it doesn't send any power back out to the grid. This is done in order to protect electric line workers.

    If you add a PowerWall 2 system with a Tesla Electricity Gateway (TEG), the TEG will prevent ANY power from going out to the grid during an outage automatically, so your solar panels will continue to produce electricity for the house and/or batteries in an outage. You are essentially off the grid completely during an outage -- nothing in or out.
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    This is the datasheet for PW2 for North America. There is a Backup Gateway that will disconnect the house from the grid during power outage. I have both solar and PW2. When the grid is down, solar panels will continue to work and charge PW2. 2_AC_Datasheet_en_northamerica.pdf
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    Ahh, I guess I had an older datasheet that did not show the backup gateway.
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