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Children's Hospital, Puerto Rico, USA

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As a Shareholder and an owner of Tesla vehicles, I would appreciate Tesla considering donating all the equipment that has been installed at the Hospital del Niño, the children’s hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico to the hospital. It was a wonderful act in the first place to provide this power to the hospital and Tesla needs follow up this wonderful service by making the donation. I have no doubt that this will benefit both Tesla and the shareholders.
MacKenzie Patterson


  • That's a great initiative for Puerto Rico and greater cheers to Tesla, but I need for Tesla to look towards the front-line of global warning- hurricanes (cat5) etc.. and look at the chain of beautiful islands in the Eastern Caribbean, particularly the Commonwealth of Dominica and the level of destruction sustained by hurricane Maria. Tesla could use Dominica as a model for recovery by setting up Solar banks or panels to assist home owners getting back to normal life. Your investment will raise the quality of life and give hope to those who really need it and not have to wait or migrate to improve their own lives.

    James Harris
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