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I would appreciate anyone pointing me to discussions with other tesla owners who have set up "Vehicle to home" charging systems.

Yes, I am aware of JB Straubel's opinion.

Thanks in advance!


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    Nobody that I know of, nor that I've heard of has set up a V2H setup. The way the car is now, you'd have to take it apart to make the setup. Oh, by the way, that's what the power walls are for.
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    Nissan and others have V2G or V2H available in someplace in the world.
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    You can't have V2H without a Tesla gateway (at least in the US...). The gateway has an ATS (automatic transfer switch) built in, which is required to protect the lineworkers in case of a blackout...

    I do see V2H as something possible in the US for Tesla PowerWall owners only...
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    It would require coordination between the TEG (Tesla Energy Gateway) and the Tesla vehicle via WiFi, probably...
    So, both the TEG and the Tesla car will need to be communicating with each other.
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