Model S CPO Alignment

edited November -1 in Texas
I bought a CPO Model S P85 in August 2017 and took delivery end of September. The week after delivery I took a day trip to Austin and noticed the car pulled to the right as I let go of the wheel. It was enough that I would have to hold the wheel so steer straight. Took the car in to my local SC and they did an alignment. I tested the alignment again and noticed it did the same thing on the highway.

Took it in a second time, within a week, and did a road test with a technician and he saw the alignment issue I was noticing. It would just pull to the right. They did another alignment and it was slightly better but it still pulled to the right.

Took the car in a 3rd time, took a road test with a different tech, and expressed my frustration. They kept the car overnight to really look and work at it. The next day the same tech took my car out and said 'it drives straight now a little bit longer before it pulls to the right'. This was about 2 months ago.

I don't know where to go from here. The car still pulls to the right and I always have to have my had on the wheel to make it drives straight. I did not expect my first experience with Tesla to be like this.

Has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it? Can anyone offer me any advice?

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