did anybody compare BMW i3 with Tesla Model 3?

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I have to wait for approximately another year to get my Model 3 and need to invest in a car now. I have looked at the BMW i3 and it looks to me a very nice and advanced electrical car. I am seriously thinking about ordering a BMW i3 instead. Has anybody else analysed this option? I ordered my Model 3 at launch in 2016, the wait is getting too long!


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    I have an i3 as a second car, suits me just fine. Charging at ecotricity and Chargeyourcar fast chargers works out almost as fast as Superchargers... and is sometimes faster than my Model S when it starts tapering charge.
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    thanks for your advice vpoz. I just ordered an i3 and should get it in April. They told me that I can charge it with my Tesla wall connector at home. I will check out the Chargeyourcar fast chargers.
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    I’m envious, you’ll have the bigger battery size.
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    Now there’s the aJag Ipace to look at, but at nearly twice the price of an i3
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    Raoul R, I did the same, until M3 arrive for delivery Q1 2019 :-) i3, its a cute car, thats all, more or less everything "is kinda out of date", stiff and hard to ride, very cramped, but still a "loveable" car. For my needs, its ok. Rumors says there is a 120 Ap coming for preorder mid Sept 2018, and delivery mid Nov 2018, even a 160 Ap battery is on the horizon !
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    Go for the Fully Charge ! The tesla home charger, hmm I doubt that
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