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What is reason for Tesla Solar Shingles not passing Building codes in Minnesota?


I contacted All Energy Solar today in Minnesota and they stated that Tesla Solar Shingles are not available in Minnesota due to not passing local building/fire safety codes.

Does anyone know exactly what codes they are not passing and what Tesla is doing to rectify the situation?



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    Does All Energy Solar speak for Tesla? Sounds like pure fiction to me. Tesla hasn't started customer installations in any major way, and I doubt they have had any discussions with Minnesota building/fire code people.
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    Very likely All Energy Solar wants to sell you something they have available in stock today instead.
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    It seems to me that if AES knows that Tesla solar shingles do not meet Minnesota code, AES should also know why.

    It also seems to me that a better place to ask your question would be your local code official.
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    I don't know either,
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