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Upgrade Battery from S60 to S75



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    @kyuyeunkim - It's been generally accepted by the community that 100% charge on a 2015/2016 S60 is fine, but I can't point to anything Tesla has stated. If you don't get any warning when charging to 100%, then it would seem Tesla has accepted it as well. Non-software limited batteries get a warning after charging once or twice at 100% that recommends a reduced SOC unless really needed.
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    @Teslatap - My tesla warns me if I charge to 100% three or four times in a row. The service center says to charge to 90%.
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    Well the car thinks its a real S60 - often charging >90% with a 60kWh pack would be really bad so ofc it warns u...
    (sadly) the same with SuC: while i'm pretty sure it "could" detect the 75kWh pack and charge faster for a longer while, charging kW gets much slower earlier like for a real 60kWh pack.....
    IMHO keep charging a soft-limited S60 with 75kWh to 100% is absolutely safe.
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    I too was just told by the Dublin service centre that my 60kw can longer be upgraded as the option is discontinued. Not acceptable as it was a reason for purchase.

    I think there are grounds for legal action. What do you think?
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    Options availablity comes and go. Was there any part of your purchase agreement that stated it was a lifetime upgrade option?

    Would you ever sue GM for not offering to upgrade a 4 banger to a V6 engine?
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    Do you still have a link to the upgrade page url by any chance?

    Just bought an S60 from 12/2016 with 75kWh batt and AP1 hardware but see no way of unlocking both on the newly designed page now :(
    Ownership transfer just completed today after 6weeks...
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    Mathew98 do you work for Tesla? You are implying Tesla are acting in accordance with their small print - You may or may not know that this will not protect them in court.
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    Anyone here with the upgrade problem from UK or Ireland?
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    If you can't answer a simple question then what are the chances you would win in court?

    It is a case of reasonable expectation vs self entitlement.
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    In another thread, an owner was told that the option may come back at the end of the year on the website in your account "Manage" page. No idea if true or not.
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    I live in Sweden and was told by the Tesla Service center the reason for not being able to upgrade is due to a system problem with the 'My Tesla' website/app. They say the problem will be resolved by the end of the year and that the upgrade should be available in the app as well.

    I would REALLY like to know if this is correct.. No way to find out. Maybe if we ALL decide a date and time and tweet the same question to @elonmusk we can have a response.
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    I got the following quote from the Amsterdam service center. Compared to $2000 this is outrageous....

    Service/Labor FRT Hours FRT Price
    Subtotal Labor Price: (EUR) 0.00
    Parts: Price
    1091845-07-A - BATTERY UPGRADE, 60kWh to 75kWh, MX 3,966.94
    Subtotal Parts Price: (EUR) 3,966.94
    Subtotal Services and Parts: (EUR) 3,966.94
    Discount: (EUR) 0.00
    Shipping: (EUR) 0.00
    Estimated Tax: (EUR) 833.06
    Total Amount: (EUR) 4,800.00
    Note: This is a quote on list price, actual prices may vary at the time of service.
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    Phew... almost 5k EUR sounds like making good money out of people's panic ;)

    The statement that it will come back end of the year sounds realistic, as TeslaTap (and SeC in Stuttgart) already stated, why should Tesla stop making money with things which are already out there in the cars, would make absolutely no sense.

    Since all self-buyable options are lacking since the MyAccount redesign im pretty confident it will come back.
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    @swildschut - Most of the cost we've talked here was for USA at $2K. Not sure why Europe costs far higher. Keep in mind the original price was $10K (the price difference between buying a 60 and a 75 at the time. If it comes back, it's not clear it would still be at the $2K price, which was one of the best bargains Tesla has offered.

    I find if you see a great price bargin at Tesla, don't wait. It may disappear and never come back. They do tweak the pricing and options regularly.
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    I was going to purchase it for 22 800 SEK = 2 350 USD, but since I had to wait FIVE weeks to get my Tesla account for the used car I purchased. By the time I was going to buy the upgrade it was gone. That makes me an unhappy camper.
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    Europe was also 2000€ before the option disappeared, that's why I stated 5k = panic price ;)
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    I've followed up with this topic for a few weeks. Here's the story.
    Ever since the Raven powertrain release for the model S the 60D battery upgrade purchase was no longer available for purchase from the web site. Tesla is working on restoring this by the end of the year. In the meantime you can go to a service center and they can do the upgrade there. Sounds simple in theory but in practice you need to talk to the right person at the service center because few of them know about this off the top of their head and will need to do some digging and escalation (phone calls) on their own to figure this out. Otherwise they will tell you to call Tesla and when you do Tesla will tell you to go to the service center.

    Hope this helps.
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    The upgrade for the model S 60 kWh to 75 kWh can be done through WiFi update at your home, you don’t have to take in for service. I did mine and it took less than 10 mins, you just have to hook up to your home WiFi, click on the update on the screen.
    After upgrading from 65 to 75 I only got 25 more rated miles at 100% charge. I’ve only charged to 100% once. At 90% it’s at 204 miles
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    @NMHousewife1 How long ago did you do this? Thanks. It's not available at the moment.
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    @larssthlm On 1/29/20 I got the over air update that unlocked my model S from a 60 to a 75. I know Tesla can do it because they did it with my car. But I didn’t buy the upgrade I bought a Tesla model S 75 from Tesla 1/25/20 & but when I picked it up it was still a 60. The guy at The Tesla delivery center told me that they couldn’t unlock it because of a another update but that I would get the unlock with a over the air update but didn’t tell me when. After I drove it home I made a service appt & I called my used car advisor & the same day I got the update over My home WIFI to unlock from 60 to 75.
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    I finally was able to get an official statement from Tesla (Netherlands), here is current SeC directive:

    OCT 2019: All HV battery software upgrades have been unavailable from MyTesla due introduction of Raven Powertrain.

    • We are working on reintroducing those HV battery capacity software upgrades.
    • They should be available before Q3 2020 via MyTesla .
    • Until then and update of this article, upgrades are not available.

    Guess will be further delayed than Q3 due to corona sh!t....
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    Email from Tesla sent to me on Feb 7th:
    'We have been advised that capacity upgrades are due to be available for eligible vehicles this year. We expect this to show as an option in your ‘’My Tesla account ‘’ during Quarter 2 of 2020.'
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    Snippet from more recent email from Tesla service centre:

    We have been following up and are yet to receive any further clarification as to when the upgrade will become available.
    We understand your frustration with this issue, but this is not under the remit of the Service Centre to grant or revoke access to vehicle upgrades.
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    Hi all, I had the upgrade and the service center did a factory reset to fix a minor issue (overkill I think) and it wiped out my battery upgrade software. Now nobody can confirm I ever had it because I'm the second owner and want to offer it for $2k. Has this happened to anyone else?!?! I'm assuming not many people had to do a factory reset on their car!

    More importantly, for those that did this upgrade did your console ever change from showing 60 to 75? I need to know this because I am in the middle of dealing with this with Tesla and they have no idea to prove or disprove I had it. It always showed 60 but I got 248 range when charged at 100% and 212 at 90% so I know it had it because the 60 wouldn't get that high range. Please help!!

    P.S. upgrade is available because they want to charge me $2k for it for those that were wondering if its still available or not. Tesla communication between service centers and customer service is a nightmare and confusing. Nobody knows what the hell is going on!
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    FYI got a call from the Service Centre 2 days ago offering the upgrade for ~2200 Euro + VAT
    Via web site/app not possible at the moment.
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