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Buying Powerwalls for a new home under construction

Hi. I live in the SF Bay Area and am building a fairly large new home. I travel quite a bit and want to make sure my wife never has to deal with the power being out when I am away. I will have a good sized (20 KW) solar array, and also a backup generator. I am trying to figure out if Powerwalls would be good for me, and what process I should use to minimize retrofit cost. Right now, it will have a 400A single phase feed and a 30 kw backup genset.

Some questions:

1) Can I get Powerwalls installed by a solar install company, or do I have to work with tesla only for the installation?

2) If I want a Powerwall, does that mean I have to use Tesla (Solar City) for the solar panels and inverters as well, or can these two elements be decoupled?

3) I see various posts about Powerwalls having experimental generator support. When will this be production, and will there be a gateway that can support whole house backup with multiple powerwall 2's feeding a 400A panel?

4) How can I have my electrician doing the build put in all the appropriate panels etc... so nothing has to be retrofitted by Tesla?

Can folks help me out with answers to these questions?



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    I am in MA. My Powerwall is installed by a local solar company, and it is installed a few months after they installed the PV system.
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